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ESU – The European Students’ Union

USI is a member of The European Students’ Union (ESU). ESU is the umbrella organisation of 44 National Unions of Students (NUS) from 38 countries. The NUSes are open to all students in their respective country regardless of political persuasion, religion, ethnic or cultural origin, sexual orientation or social standing. Its member organisations are also student-run, autonomous, representative and operate according to democratic principles.   The aim of ESU The aim of ESU is to represent and promote the educational, social, economic and cultural interests of students at European level towards all relevant bodies and in particular the European...

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FAQs on Fees, Withdrawals and Disputes

Can I arrange to pay my fees in installments? Most higher education institutions will facilitate some form of installment plan for fees. At a minimum, colleges that allow for installments will allow you to split the €3,000 into two payments of €1,500. Some institutions will allow for more payments of smaller amounts, totalling no more than €3,000.   Your best bet here is to contact someone within your college’s fees or finance department. A simple Google search will sort you out.   How can I change course? It may well transpire that your course wasn’t what you thought it...

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When thinking of withdrawing from college…

It’s perfectly normal to wonder whether or not it’s right for you to stay in college. Course choices made at 17 might not make sense; college might not be what you thought it would be; or maybe your circumstances have made it difficult. Below are some important tips to keep in mind when considering what to do:   Be aware of fee and grant issues Your decision to withdraw from college might create consequences for fees and financial supports, if you decide to come back to college at a later point. This sounds a little daunting, but a bit...

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USI and NUS-UK issue joint statement on Northern Ireland political situation

Joint statement from the Presidents of NUS-USI, NUS and USI regarding the current political situation in Northern Ireland     The three Presidents of the student movements in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom held a trilateral summit today on concerns over the political situation in Northern Ireland.   Meeting in Dublin, the presidents have issued a joint statement calling for candidates in the Northern Ireland Assembly election to focus on building a stable future which delivers hope and opportunity for students and young people.   President of NUS-USI Fergal McFerran, President of NUS Malia Bouattia and President...

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USI and HSE tell STIs to SHAG off

USI Officers and local SU teams have gone on the offensive against sexually transmitted infections this week, with the launch of a major revamped SHAG campaign. The campaign, supported by the Health Service Executive, is taking campuses by storm across Ireland after its launch at DCUSU, as 30,000 SHAG packs are distributed to students.  If you’re one of the 30,000 USI members getting top-class advice and quality condoms and lube, remember to follow the information and advice on the box! Telling STIs to SHAG off! USI, HSE and Johnny! Johnny’s got you covered! That’s a big SHAG pack! Are...

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