The Union of Students in Ireland is calling on Simon Harris to reverse Leo Varadkar’s diversion of €12 million from Mental Health Services

  The Union of Students in Ireland is calling on newly-appointed Minister for Health Simon Harris to reverse the diversion of €12 million from Mental Health Services announced by former Minister for Health Leo Varadkar. USI highlighted the dangers in this diversion this morning, Monday the 9th May, at 10am outside Leinster House.   “Over 120,000 people took part in the Pieta House’s Darkness into Light walks last Saturday.” USI President, Kevin Donoghue, said. “The annually increasing numbers of people who come out in the early hours of the morning to support Pieta House’s Darkness into Light reflects how...

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USI and Mental Health Reform will join outside the Dáil tomorrow to Protest against the diversion of €12 Million in the Mental Health Budget

  The Union of Students in Ireland and Mental Health Reform will be joining outside the Dáil (Kildare St. Entrance) tomorrow, Thursday, April 28th at 12.30pm to protest against the mental health budget diversion of €12 million and to ensure mental health is a priority for the next government.   According to a HRB report, 1 in 7 adults in Ireland experienced a mental health difficulty in the last year. 15.4 % of children aged 11-13 and 19.5% of young adults aged 19-24 have had a mental health disorder and 75% of mental health difficulties arise before age 25, according to an RCSI study on mental health of young people in Ireland.   “Students and young people have been repeatedly told there isn’t money to invest in the services they need – be it education, decent work or anything else.” Kevin Donoghue, USI President, said. “We’ve had the word ‘recovery’ jammed down our throats for 12 months and now they are stripping funding from a vital, under supported service. The damage this will cause is irreversible. At the end of the day access to these services is vital in saving lives. When someone knocks on a door for help, we need to be sure that it is answered. Adequate funding is essential for these services so that those in need can access support and those working in the sector are...

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Union of Students in Ireland and Call for a Vote for Irish Citizens Abroad

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and are partnering to campaign for a vote for Irish citizens abroad. USI are the leading partners on the new campaign in Ireland after the recent constitutional convention found that those participating voted 78% in favour of the question “Should citizens resident outside the State have the right to vote in Presidential elections?”   USI and believe in modernising the absentee ballot process, and those Irish citizens abroad and Irish groups abroad should have representation on a newly established Electoral commission. VotingRights.ieand USI are calling for a referendum on Irish citizens aboard to have voting rights in...

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The Union of Students in Ireland Praises Irish Muslim leaders for their Anti-Extremism Declaration

  The Union of Students in Ireland has praised the Irish Muslim leaders who made an anti-extremism declaration in Trinity College. USI said extremism is most damaging to the young and impressionable, and violence in the name of religion has cast a negative shadow and false stereotype on peaceful Muslims. “The discrimination and stereotypes faced by foreign nationals and Muslims because of extremists is unfair, unjust and largely unfounded, as can be seen in shocking documentaries like RTE’s I Am Immigrant” Kevin Donoghue, USI President, said. “Ireland will only be in a position to tackle this kind of extremism...

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USI joins Amnesty International outside the Dáil to call on the Government to Repeal the 8th

The Union of Students in Ireland joined Amnesty International outside the Dáil at 1pm yesterday, Tuesday the 29th March to call on the government to repeal the Eight Amendment. It was the first day of a two week demonstration calling on political parties and politicians to ensure abortion reform is not lost in negotiations in forming a new government. Standing with travel suitcases and bags to represent the 12 women and teenagers who travel to Britain every day for abortions, their demand is that the seriousness of the situation and urgency for a referendum is not ignored. A recent...

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