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HIV diagnosis increased by 30% last year according to new figures released by HPSC

The Union of Students in Ireland are teaming up with Operation Zero tomorrow, the 15th June at 9am on Irish AIDS Days at HIV Ireland, 70 Eccles Street with the message ‘no shame, no judgment, just support!’ to encourage students to get tested, as new figures from Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a 30% increase in HIV in Ireland.   There were 491 new HIV diagnosis notified during 2015 – an increase of 30% compared to 2014. Among those 491, 49.7% were men who have had sex with men, 23.8% were heterosexual, 9.2% were people who inject drugs, and 0.8%...

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58% of Students Miss Meals to Stay in College!

  58.1% of students miss meals to stay in college, according to new research released today by the Union of Students in Ireland who had more than 870 responses to a national survey of students. More than a third (38.7%) of students said they go hungry to fund or stay in college while 34.2% said they go without heat. A further 25.4% said they go to their Students’ Union, Saint Vincent de Paul or a food bank for food.   The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has criticised recent suggestions to increase the registration fee by more than...

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USI calls on the government to launch nationwide 24/7 community-based mental health services to reduce hospital readmission

The Union of Students in Ireland is calling on the government to launch nationwide 24/7 community-based crisis intervention services to reduce hospital readmission rates for mental health difficulties. Two thirds of people presenting for hospital treatment for serious mental health difficulties in 2015 were readmitted within the year according to data released by the HSE. There were almost 13,100 admissions in 2015 and the readmission rate within 12 months was 66 per cent. USI praised Minister Simon Harris for reversing the €12million diversion from mental health services in Ireland. USI President Kevin Donoghue said putting the €12million back where...

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USI Submission to the Committee on Housing and Homelessness

USI Submission to the Committee on Housing and Homelessness Download the full submisison here: USI Submission to the Oireacthas Committee on Housing and Homelessness 11:5:2016 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Student purpose-built accommodation as a housing issue was predicted in 2007 by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) which paved the way for a detailed report titled Students in the Private Rental Sector: What Are The Issues? Since this report was published in 2009, there have been no long-term solutions put in place to deter the current crisis, or prevent the crisis from worsening. The Irish economy has shown signs of recovery...

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USI and the HEA Recommends a change in higher education where students will be involved in decision-making processes

  The Union of Students in Ireland and the Higher Education Authority Working Group has recommended that students are more involved in the decision making processes in higher education. USI said that for appropriate developments and progress to be made in higher education students should be involved in the decision-making process because it affects them more than anyone else. The HEA has published a report today of the Working Group on Student Engagement in Higher Education.   The Working Group was established by the HEA in 2014 to develop a set of principles to assist higher education institutions in enhancing student engagement.  It was chaired by Professor Tom Collins. Kevin Donoghue, USI President, and Annie Hoey, USI Vice President attended the launch.   “Student engagement plays a pivotal role in academic success.” Kevin Donoghue said. “It enables quality assurance, better retention rates, educational satisfaction and means needs of the students are represented to the government. When students are seen as partners, not consumers, it improves the staff/student relationships and progression in high level education.”   The report of the Working Group recommended that all higher education institutions complete a co-led (staff and student) evaluation of formal and informal student engagement practices and opportunities at every level.  Once the self-evaluations are complete, institutions and students should co-author a student engagement policy that places the principles included in the Working Group’s...

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