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The Union of Students in Ireland said Ireland must not follow Britain in Excluding Creative Subjects from School

The British government announced their plans for a new school league table which excludes creative subjects on third of November. Nicky Morgan, the British Education Secretary, said schoolchildren who focus exclusively on arts and humanities-style subjects risk restricting their future career path. The Union of Students in Ireland said Ireland must not follow in Britain’s footsteps because art education enables social mobility, is a creative outlet and expression, and schoolchildren exposed to drama, music and dance are often more proficient at reading, writing and maths. “The British government may think the arts is a frivolous part of the educational...

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The Spike in Rental Costs Could Push Students Away from Third Level Institutions

According to the Rental Report by released today, ‘Quantities, not prices are where the problems lie in the Irish rental market’ but the Union of Students in Ireland said the peaking rental costs in Ireland from the supply and demand ratio could push students out of the private rental sector and away from third level institutions. According to the latest quarterly report by, rents rose nationwide by an average of 3.2% in the third quarter of 2015, the largest three-month increase since early 2007. Supply on the market is at its tightest on record, with just over...

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Sport can be a Key Player in Academic Success, improving Brain Function, Memory and Employability

Being involved in sports at college can greatly improve your academic success, by improving brain function, memory and even employability, according to the Union of Students in Ireland, who are urging students to get involved in exercise. Sports at college can improve your future by refining employer-friendly skills like teambuilding, communications, interpersonal skills and goal-setting. More training also means less drinking and less alcohol-related diseases, and endorphins are a great natural way to tackle stress and focus on studies. “There are plenty of good reasons to be physically active at college.” Kevin Donoghue, President of the Union of Students...

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USI said the J1 changes is disappointing and will decrease the number of students travelling abroad

The Union of Students in Ireland said the J1 changes announced today is hugely disappointing and will decrease the number of students travelling abroad for the summer. The changes made to the J1 programme means that Irish students will now have to secure a job in America before they apply for the J1 visa. “When the J1 programme was launched we saw a surge of Irish students travelling to the USA on a working summer visa,” The Union of Students in Ireland President, Kevin Donoghue, said, “It’s a fantastic opportunity for personal development through refining independent skills and experiencing another culture. Geographic...

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Chats for Change Campaign Launched to Help Students Feeling Down

Over 1/3 of Students Feel down Every day and Most of them Find Comfort in Food More than a third of Irish Students feel down every day and most of them find comfort in food, according to new information released today by the Union of Students in Ireland. 36% of students feel down every day and the most common thing they do when feeling down is eat chocolate, cakes, crisps or ‘treat’ foods. 83% of students said talking to someone helped when they’re feeling down, which is why the USI is launching their ‘Chats for Change’ campaign with Please...

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