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Leaving Cert Isn’t A Measure of Who You Are as a Person

The Union of Students in Ireland says that the Leaving Cert isn’t a measure of who you are as a person. USI President Kevin Donoghue says that it’s important to keep the results in context. “The important thing is to keep in mind that while it will be an exciting morning for some people, there are options available there if things don’t work out your way. “It is important to remember, no matter how good or bad it is tomorrow, the Leaving Cert isn’t a measure of who you are as a person or how capable you are as...

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USI urges students families to secure accommodation

USI urges students families to secure accommodation ASAP   USI President Kevin Donoghue has urged families to get ahead of the curve on student accommodation by seeking and securing places for the semester ahead. Speaking during a leaflet drop to promote USI’s free rooms listing website ‘’, Donoghue explained:   “The earlier you secure your bed for the year, the more chance you have of getting good accommodation close to your college.  It stands to reason that good places closer to your chosen college will fill up first – after that you may need to make compromises on quality,...

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USI Drugs Policy Review Submission (2015)

“[The committee]… is inviting public submissions on its drug policy review, and in particular, if an alternative approach to the possession of small quantities of illicit drugs for personal use should be considered… The Committee is keen to hear from interested organisations and individuals in Ireland on whether a similar approach to the classification of small quantities of drugs should be considered here.” Prior to making a submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on drug policy review, USI engaged in a consultation process with member organisations and students’ unions to ascertain their views. On...

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The White Rose: Student solidarity can shine a light in the darkest of times.

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place worldwide on the Sunday closest to 27th January every year. The day itself serves as a much needed highlighter of all forms of intolerance. Within the struggle of the oppressed people living under Nazi rule, there is a story for student circles worth reflection upon. Students’ unions have long espoused a view that we are not merely self-serving entities. Aside from trying to create education system we need, we also try to act as a social conscience, shaping the society that we believe in. In the summer of 1942, Nazi rule was engrained into...

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