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The new design

We’ve chosen a new design for the USI website to harness the content production skills of our officers and the communication needs of SUs and journalists. At first glance, the site can look a bit busy – this reflects...

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A pharma attack

Pharma attacks are injections of code through backdoors in a website which change aspects of the site.  They can replace adverts, keywords and the description of the site on search engines. Imagine our surprise, then, when our...

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Email Problems

USI Email is experiencing problems.  The process to re-synchronise has already begun and will be completed at the speed of DNS propagation, which could be minutes or up to 36 hours. Until this process is completed, email service...

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Play a game! Avoid STIs!

Check Out

with advice on sexual health and a brilliant video game - Sexually Transmitted Invaders


Beta Website

This website is in Beta mode - whilst most of the site is working properly, there will be changes over the coming days to fix certain functions and layout. Please accept our apologies if something you expected to find has moved in the interim period.