Register your delegation now

Registration of numbers for USI Congress delegations is open now. Delegation leaders should register here

Priority Ballots now open.

Delegation leaders may now vote on priority for lapsing policy and new motions.

Congress is the Democratic heart of USI.

Each year hundreds of student representatives convene to elect our leadership, direct the policies and set the agenda for the moment for the years ahead. This hub (under constant construction) will hold all the information for delegates and delegation leaders.

Getting There

Congress takes place this year at Treacy’s West County Hotel in Ennis, Co, Clare. Here’s the Hotel Website and Directions.

Delegates Hub

If it’s your first time at USI Congress, it can be a little bit daunting. This quick guide will explain it all.

Delegate Leaders Hub

Delegation leaders have special responsibilities before and during USI Congress. Find out more.

Before USI Congress can happen, we have to follow a number of procedures.  Here are the most important ones requiring the attention of MOs.

Motion Submissions








Submission of Motions - CLOSED

Motions to Congress must be submitted by 10 February 2017.

Steering Committee Met 13 February

The Steering Committee have met on 13 February 2017 to verify the constitutionality of each motion submitted by MOs, committees and Officer Board.

Publication of Motions

The Motions before Congress are published here.

Prioritisation of Expiring Policy

All policy passed in 2014 and 2009 is due for expiry or renewal at Congress 2017. Delegation leaders can prioritise motions on this page. Passwords have been sent to Presidents.

Prioritisation of new motions

Delegation leaders can prioritise motions on this page. Passwords have been sent to Presidents.

Debate at Congress

Debate takes place at USI Congress, 27-30 March 2017

Election Nominations








Nominations for Elections

Nominations for elections must be received by 5pm on 20 September 2017. More information is here 

Nominations Published

The nominations of each candidate have been published on the Elections Hub

Official Hustings at Congress

An official hustings will take place at USI Congress on 27 March 2017

Election takes place

The election will take place on 28 March 2017.

Election Results

Expect results at around 12pm on Wednesday 29 March 2017

Registration of Delegates








Delegation Numbers released

Each MO’s delegation entitlement is listed below.

Registration of numbers

Register Now.

Registration of names

Who’s coming?  you’ll let us know and we will release a rooming list with room numbers. Each MO can make their own sharing arrangements, including working out who sleeps in the bed shaped like a train. We kid you not.

Payment of Congress Fees

Congress fees are due before or at the start of USI Congress on 27 March 2017

Voting Delegate Entitlement

The voting delegate entitlement for each college is listed here.  This entitlement is based on the student numbers registered with USI and assumes that the full affiliation fees for each college has been paid in accordance with the rules specified in the Constitution.  A final determination of this will be made by the Finance Committee in due course – and as a result it is possible that some delegations will have their delegations reduced.


Member Organisation Voting Delegate Entitlement 
NUI Galway SU 19
Dublin City University SU 15
Maynooth SU 12
Trinity College Dublin SU 18
University College Cork SU 21
St Angela’s College Sligo SU 3
Athlone IT SU 7
Cork IT SU 9
Dublin IT SU 21
Institute of Art, Design and Technology  SU 4
Dundalk IT SU 7
Galway-Mayo IT SU 8
IT Blanchardstown SU 5
IT Carlow SU 8
IT Sligo SU 6
IT Tallaght Dublin SU 7
IT Tralee SU 5
Letterkenny IT SU 6
Limerick IT SU 8
Waterford IT SU 10
National College of Ireland SU 4
Coliaste Dhulaigh FE SU 2
Queen’s University Belfast SU 26
Ulster University SU 28
St Marys UCBSU 3
Stranmillis UCBSU 4
College of Agriculture, Farming and Rural Economy SU 2
Northern Regional College SU 2
Southern Regional College SU 2
South Eastern Regional College SU 2
South Western Regional College SU 2
Belfast Metropolitan College SU 2