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Registration of numbers for USI Congress delegations is open now. Delegation leaders should register here.

Elections to USI Officerboard take place on 28 March 2017.

Elections to officer positions in NUS-USI take place on 4th and 5th April 2017

NUS-USI Conference takes place at the Armagh City Hotel, Northern Ireland. NUS-USI elections are organised and run by NUS-USI.

Contact for more information.


Michael Kerrigan (USIOB)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

VP for Academic Affairs

Oisín Hassan (QUBSU)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

VP for Welfare

Cody Byrne (DCUSU)

Daniel Khan (NUIGSU)

Niamh Murtagh (USIOB)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

VP for Campaigns

Sean Cassidy (DCUSU)

Karen Kane (MSU)

Amy Kelly (GMITSU)

Kate Moriarty (UCCSU)

Dylan McGowan (LYITSU)

Kevin Ronan (AITSU)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

VP for Equality and Citizenship

Síona Cahill (USIOB)

Cathal Sherlock (NUIGSU)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

LU don Ghaeilge

Laoighseach Ní Choistealbha (NUIGSU)

Áine Haberlin (TCDSU)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

VP for the Southern Region

Michelle Byrne (WITSU)

Shane Falvey (CITSU)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

VP for the Border, Midlands and Western Region

Jimmy McGovern (NUIGSU)

Kevin Ronan (AITSU)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

What you need to run
  • To run for election to a USI Officer Board position, you must be a USI member and be nominated by Member Organisations.
  • Nominations should be submitted on students’ union headed notepaper and signed by the president of the Students’ Union.
  • Nominations must be submitted by 5pm on 20 February 2017
  • To run for a position in NUS-USI, there are different rules and deadlines. See the above box to find out more.
Video Hustings

An opportunity to provide a video hustings, which will be hosted on YouTube and this website, will be made available to all candidates.

Each video hustings will present an opportunity for:

  • 1 minute opening
  • 3 questions (1 minute each) which will be universal for all candidates for a position
  • 1 minute closing statement

Candidates may either attend a filming session in Dublin on 28 February 2017 or submit their own video to USI.

  • To run for a position in NUS-USI, there are different rules and deadlines. See the above box to find out more.
USI Official Congress Hustings

USI recognises one official hustings event, which will take place on the evening of 27 March 2017 at the Treacy’s West County Hotel in Ennis, Co. Clare.

The USI Congress Hustings will follow the following format:

1.      The Congress Director will provide Delegate Leaders with Hustings Questions Sheets for each position.

2.      The questions must be provided to me or the Congress Director to pass to me no later than thirty minutes before the Hustings are scheduled to begin.

3.      The candidates for each position except President will speak for up to three minutes, face up to three questions; and then get to summate for up to one minute; with alternations as to who goes first.

4.      The candidate for President will speak for up to five minutes, face up to five questions; and then get to summate for up to one minute.

Local Hustings

Students’ Unions may opt to host their own hustings for candidates.  These are strictly not official events, but USI will list information for any events we receive here.

Dublin Institute of Technology SU – Thursday 23rd Februay @ 6pm in Room 2046, Aungier Street. Contact for further information.

NUI Galway SU – Monday 27th February @ 7.30pn in IT250. Contact for further information.

IT Sligo SU – Tuesday 28th February @ 7pm in Room A0004. Contact for further information.

Maynooth SU – Thursday 2nd March @ 6pm in John Hume Boardroom. Contact for further information.

Trinity College Dublin SU – Tuesday 7th March @ 7pm in Stanley Quek Theatre, Trinity Biomedical Institute. Contact for further information.

IADTSU – Tuesday 7th March @5pm in Room TBC. Contact for further information.

Waterford Institute of Technology SU – Tuesday 14th March in the Auditorium on the WIT Cork Road Campus. Time TBC. Contact for further information.

University College Cork SU- 15th March @ time and room allocation TBC. Contact for further information.

GMIT SU – 21st March @ time and room TBC. Contact: for further information.

Further hustings details will be added as they become avaialble.

Rules and regulations

USI Officerboard Election Campaign

In USI we want to ensure that all candidates have a fair and enjoyable election campaign. The below regulations are set out to ensure that there is an even playing field for all candidates, and that each candidate can participate fully in the elections. Information is provided on the Elections Hub section of so as to inform the USI membership of who the USI Officerboard candidates are, and also to keep the candidates up to date with information in relation to the election campaign.


All communiqué in relation to the election campaign should be to


Elections Regulations

  1. Nominations

    1. A candidate must be nominated by two Students’ Unions in membership of USI.

    2. Nominations should be submitted, with a date, on Union headed paper, signed by the President (or acting President) of the nominating Students’ Union.

    3. Nominations should be submitted in the form:

“I, [NAME], President of [Students’ Union], wish to nominate [Candidate] who is [a student member of [Students’ Union] / a member of USI Officer Board / a Sabbatical Officer at [Students’ Union] to stand for the position of [Officership].  Signed: [Name].

    1. Nominations should include the contact details of the candidate, to include email address and mobile phone number.

    2. A candidate who is not a member of the National Council must provide a current valid ID or letter of proof of membership of their Students’ Union, certified by their institution.


  1. Election budget

As per Congress policy, a spending limit of €350 per candidate is imposed on campaign materials.  Evidence for budget spent must be submitted to USI Elections Sub-Committee by 5pm on March 27 2017.


  1. Official statements in Congress Document CD1

A candidate must submit a personal statement of no more than 400 words in either Word or TXT format and a headshot photo showing only the candidate, preferably against a plain white background.


  1. Manifesto

USI will endeavour to keep the membership as informed as possible about the upcoming USI Officerboard elections, and who the candidates are. As such, USI will upload candidates’ manifestos on to Elections Hub section. Manifestos must be submitted by 12pm on 28th of February.

Note: manifestos can be updated in the interim between the submission deadline and opening of Congress.


  1. Official Hustings

USI runs one official hustings event at Congress, where each candidate will have the opportunity to address the whole electorate and to answer questions. Attendance at this hustings event will be facilitated by USI for all candidates, whether or not they are delegates at the Congress, subject to the terms of the Safety Protocol for Congress.


  1. Video statements

USI facilitates the production of one video statement plus Q&A with each candidate. These are filmed at one location and at one time to facilitate the candidates. Please see below for details on the video statements.


  1. Unofficial Hustings

USI does not formally participate in any other hustings or election event prior to Congress.


  1. Conduct.

Candidates for USI elections are required to comply with USI’s mandatory policies on cyberbullying. At Congress, candidates, whether delegates or not, will be required to abide by the general conduct regulations (Safety Protocol) for the Congress.




Due before

At least two nominations per Regulation 1

5pm on Close of Nominations Date 20 February 2017

Proof of membership as per Regulation 1 g

5pm on Close of Withdrawals Date 27 February 2017

Video Hustings

Filmed in USI HQ on 28th February 2017, or submitted by 5pm on the same day

Photo and Statement as per Regulation 3

12pm on 28 February 2016



Pledge of Conduct

USI Elections are an opportunity to showcase the candidates’ vision for the future of the role they wish to fill and the future of our movement. As a result, all candidates are asked to sign up to and abide by the following pledge of conduct.

Candidates may have legitimate disagreements and differing opinions on issues. I pledge to concentrate on the issues during the campaign.

Every MO in USI is equal and every delegate has an equal vote. I pledge to recognise that and reflect it in my campaigns

People put great effort into their campaigns. I pledge to respect the materials produced by other candidates and won’t allow my campaign team to do anything to restrict their distribution and availability to students and voters

There are now spending limits on USI elections. I pledge to stick to the spirit and letter of the limits to ensure a fair election


Video Hustings for USI Positions will take place on Tuesday 28th February 2017, and will be recorded at USI HQ in Dublin. 

1. Why are you running for this position
2. What will be your priorities for the year
3. What do you see are the major challenges for USI in the next 12 months.

You have up to a minute to answer but don’t need to use the full minute. Additionally if you wish you may include up to a three minute introduction speech.

Each candidate will be given 3 minutes for their pitch and one further minute at the end of questions to recap on their pitch.

Pitch (3 mins)

Answers (1 min per answer)

Recap (1 min).

At USI HQ we will record these against a USI backdrop.

If you are not able to make it to USI for the hustings, and you would like to participate in the video hustings, you should make arrangements to film your own pitch, question answers and send them by email to USI before 5pm on Tuesday evening.  The video must be filmed on a plain background, and no sound or special effects added. Any video with special effects, text, or sound added will not be uploaded on to any USI communication channels.

Equally, if you would like to opt not to participate in the video hustings, please indicate so.