Elections to USI Officer Board take place on 28 March 2017.


The USI constitution states:

‘4.1.5  The Annual Congress shall elect all members of the Officerboard excluding the NUS-USI President. Any ordinary member of the Union is entitled to contest any elected position at Congress. All registered delegates are entitled to vote in each election at Congress except in the case of the elections for the regional Vice Presidents. The electorate for the positions of Vice President for the Border, Midlands and Western Region and Vice President for the Southern Region shall be the registered delegates from Member Organisations located wholly or mainly in that Officer’s region, as defined by Schedule G and the relevant Vice President.’


Nominations for the following positions will open on Monday 16th January, 2017 and must be submitted prior to 5.00pm on Monday 20th February 2017:

  1. President
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  3. Vice President for Welfare
  4. Vice President for Campaigns
  5. Vice President for Equality & Citizenship
  6. Vice President for the Border, Midlands & Western Region
  7. Vice President for the Southern Region
  8. Leas-Uachtarán don Gaeilge (Vice President for the Irish Language)

The positions listed from #1 to #7 inclusive are paid positions and the position listed at #8 is unpaid.

Candidates for each position must be nominated by two member organisations which are in benefit. In respect of the positions of Vice President for the Border, Midlands & Western Region and Vice President for the Southern Region the nominating member organisations must be within the respective region for each position.


Nominations must be presented:

(a)  on the headed paper of the member organisation;

(b)  signed by the President of the member organisation;

(c)  by emailing a scanned copy of the nomination document to elections@usi.ie marked for the attention of USI Elections Sub-Committee (original posted or hand-delivered) nominations will also be accepted); and

(d)  contain a contact telephone number and email address for the nominated candidate.

MOs (Students’ Unions) are reminded that purported nominations which do not comply with the foregoing provisions will not be accepted. Kindly note also that candidates are required to submit documentation proving their membership of USI prior to the close of nominations.

Candidates may get in touch with any Students’ Unions for a nomination (note exceptions for certain officers) and are encouraged to seek out contact details freely and widely available online.


Hustings – an event before an election where a candidate puts forward their reasons for running for election and what they would attempt to do if elected. Many Students’ Unions will have a hustings on their own campus for their students to vote on the candidate. Students’ Unions have a varying number of votes (see USI Congress 2014 for an idea of how many votes each Students’ Union may have – note that this is a reflection of the student population of a college and may subject to change in 2017). Some Students’ Unions will mandate their votes to a candidate before Congress while others will leave their student delegates vote freely.

If you are nominated, USI Elections Committee will circulate your details to all Students’ Unions to get in touch about hustings. USI do not run an a hustings, nor does USI control or have influence in a Students’ Union hustings, besides the official husting at Congress. You should ask the Students’ Union if they are planning on having a hustings when you seek nomination.

Sabbatical – a description of the type of employment a full-time officer will undertake. In this way, the officer is considered to be a full-time student during their time in office. Allows an officer to return to studies after their year out in office.


  • Monday 16th January 2017, 9.00am – Open of Nominations for Elections.
  • Monday 20th February 2017, 5.00pm –  Close of Submission of Nominations.
  • Monday 27th February 2017, 5.00pm – Deadline for Withdrawal of Nominations.
  • USI Annual Congress 2017 will occur from Monday 27th March, 2017 to Thursday 30th March, 2017.


Please find a link to the current USI policy manual.

Please find a link to the current description of roles here in the USI Constitution.

Please find a link to Election Guidance.


Delegates at the Union Of Students In Ireland congress in Treacy’s West County Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare in 2016. Photograph by John Kelly.

For any questions, or for more information, contact info@usi.ie or 01 905 2095