The USI Policy Manual is the currently active policy list for USI.  Currently operational policies are included, but old policies which have lapsed are excluded from the policy manual.

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Since 2012, all policies passed by the Union have had effect for three years – before that, policies had effect for five years. Our interpretation of the meaning of the change has been that policies enacted in years before 2012 would have effect for five years – as they would have when they were passed.

In addition, all policies passed since 2012 have allowed for a ‘Sunset Clause’ which allows a policy to cease to be active for the union as soon as they are deemed to have been ‘completed’ or met, in a way determined in the policy.

The policy manual is updated in May of each year and does not include interim policies, adopted by National Council. Policies come into effect in USI after debate of congress.


Current Canonical Policy Manual (.docx)

This file is considered canonical and issued subject to amendment for material inaccuracy.  Latest revision (non-content): May 2016

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