We use cookies in two ways:

  1. USI.ie may place a cookie on a site to ensure that timed information is not served to a user repeatedly
  2. research.usi.ie uses cookies to make sure that an individual user cannot submit more than a limited number of responses to a survey.

USI.ie does not collect any personally identifiable information from any user with three exceptions:

  1. Where a user submits a comment, remark or query in response to an article on the site
  2. Where a user opts to answer questions in a survey on the site or on http://survey.usi.ie
  3. Where a user submits a failure or 404 notification to the administrator
USI.ie does collect analytics information.  This is not personally identifiable, but may include:
  1. IP address of the client device
  2. Version of the browser being used
  3. Length of connection
  4. Number of pages viewed
The IP address collected could in theory be used to identify an individual device, but USI.ie does not use this information.
  • USI.ie does not send any information to any third party for the purposes of identifying USI’s users.
  • USI.ie will co-operate with law enforcement agencies if required to under the laws in the jurisdictions in which USI operates