Full Name: Kevin Donoghue

Email: kevinddunny@gmail.com

Party: Labour Party

Additional Comments: Candidate for Dublin’s South East Inner City

Full Name: Gillian Brien

Email: gillianpbp@gmail.com

Party: People Before Profit Alliance

Additional Comments: Delighted to support the Student Manifesto

Full Name: Andrew Keegan

Email: andrew.keegan@dublincity.ie

Party: People Before Profit Alliance

Additional Comments: I support the campaign and sign up to the manifesto. 👍

Full Name: Racheal Batten

Email: rachealbattenfiannafail@gmail.com

Party: Fianna Fáil

Full Name: Colm O’Rourke

Email: colmorourke.rep@gmail.com

Party: Fine Gael

Full Name: Eoin Neylon

Email: voteneylon@gmail.com

Party: Fianna Fáil

Additional Comments: As a young first time candidate, as well as a board member of NUI Galway, I know all too well the struggles being faced by Irish students today. The accommodation crisis has had an acute affect on students. We need a state led building program to ensure that students aren’t priced out of their education via either travel costs or rents. I will continue to call for more direct funding of 3rd levels by central Government in order to bring down college fees whilst maintaining education standards.

As President of Ógra Fianna Fáil I launch a policy paper in 2015 calling for an end to Direct Provision including details as to how this could be fairly achieved (available here: https://www.scribd.com/document/277483765/Ending-Direct-Provision). This is an issue still close to my heart.

As a Climate Change Ambassador with An Taisce, I also want to see local Government take the lead by instituting sustainable policies and development plans whilst championing locally owned renewable energy production. We need to protect our future and carbon price all policies in order to reach our international obligations to protect the planet.

Name: Anthony Connaghan

Email: anthony.connaghan@dublincity.ie

Party: Sinn Féin

Comment: I’m sure most candidates will sign this but people need to realise that some are part of parties that have had the chance to introduce change nationally and haven’t.

Name: Micheál Kelliher

Email: m.kelliher3@gmail.com

Party: Independents 4 Change

Name: Carol Deans

Email: carol.deans@socialdemocrats.ie

Party: Social Democrats

Comment: As a mature student attending Trinity College Dublin, I am proud to sign this manifesto and willing to help in anyway possible, whether elected or not.
Carol Deans

Full Name: Neil Armstrong

Email: n.armstrong2010@gmail.com

Party: Independent

Full Name: Cllr Ray McHugh

Email: ray.mchugh@dublincity.ie

Party: Sinn Féin

Additional Comments: Best wishes.if I can be of any help please feel free to call me.

Full Name: Fearghal Donnelly

Email: donnelfc@tcd.ie

Party: Sinn Féin

Additional Comments: I’m still a PhD student in Trinity and have worked in fundraising for the student hardship fund and Trinity Access Programme since my undergrad. I support students and high quality education for all, regardless of background.

Full Name: Peter Dooley

Email: pmjdooley@yahoo.ie

Party: People Before Profit Alliance

Full Name: Cllr. Pat Dunne

Email: pat.dunne1@dublincity.ie

Party: Independents 4 Change

Additional Comments: I fully support the USI Student Manifesto

Full Name: Samantha Long

Email: sam@samanthalong.ie

Party: Independent

Additional Comments: I really hope that the student vote will turn out strongly in the local elections. You made your voice heard in groundbreaking referendums, now make it matter in local government

Full Name: Cllr Damian O Farrell

Email: damianofarrell@gmail.com

Party: Independent

Additional Comments: I am an Independent Councillor and have never been a member of a political party. I concentrate on local issues many of which concern students including Accommodation / Transport / Climate Change / Enviromental amenities/ Mental Health

Full Name: Donna Cooney

Email: donnacooney1@yahoo.ie

Party: Green Party

Additional Comments: I’m a campaigner for equality and believe in full access for all to education at all levels.
I’m a climate change activist for many years.
I’m also a housing activist.
I’ve have aways supported the ending of direct provision which I believe is inhuman unfair treatment. All people should be able to chose and cook their own food and have enough funds to support themselves €19.50 a week is inhuman. Asylum application should be processed quickly so refugees have a right to work and the same social welfare entitlements as all citizens.

Name: Seamus Maguire

Email: seamuspmaguire@gmail.com

Party: Independent

Comment: I along with my colleague run posterfree.ie to stop the use of single use plastic posters

Full Name: Cllr Claire Byrne

Email: claire.byrne@greenparty.ie

Party: Green Party

Additional Comments: Great manifesto. I am happy to support students’ rights and the issues that affect them. Best wishes, Claire.

Full Name: Cllr Alison Gilliland

Email: alisongilliland.ie@gmail.com

Party: Labour Party

Additional Comments: Thank you! Alison

Name: Michael Pidgeon

Email: michael@pidgeon.ie

Party: Green Party

Full Name: Michael Watters

Email: michaelpwatters1@gmail.com

Party: Fianna Fáil

Full Name: Susan Gregg Farrell

Email: susieq965@yahoo.com

Party: Sinn Féin

Full Name: Sarah Durcan

Email: sarah.durcan@socialdemocrats.ie

Party: Social Democrats

Additional Comments: Education is the basis of all growth in this country. We should invest more in life-long learning. Having worked to promote informal learning, in STEAM, bringing art and science together, I see daily the benefits of investing in education and empowering young people. We must tackle the global issues we face with the climate crisis, and end direct provision which is an affront to all our humanity. I wholeheartedly support USI’s Election Manifesto.

Full Name: Michael O’Brien

Email: mobrien@dublincity.ie

Party: Solidarity

Additional Comments: Good luck with the campaign and see you all at the #RaiseTheRoof demo next Saturday!

Full Name: Cllr Vincent Jackson

Email: vincent.jackson@dublincity.ie

Party: Independent

Additional Comments: I fully support all measure to increase the level of 3rd level admission from working class areas as Vice Chairperson of the CDETB I am passionate about the value of education in transforming the lives of young people within our Community.

Full Name: Declan Meenagh

Email: declanmeenagh@votelabour.ie

Party: Labour Party

Additional Comments: As someone who campaigned for Maynooth Students’ Union to join USI, I’m delighted to support this pledge. I know the importance of student activism and if elected I’ll work with students to make sure their voice sare heard.

Full Name: Bernie Hughes

Email: bhugheselection@gmail.com

Party: Independents 4 Change

Additional Comments: Fully support the students manifesto.

Full Name: Jen Cummins

Email: jen.cummins@socialdemocrats.ie

Party: Social Democrats

Additional Comments: As a Student in DCU doing a Doctorate in Education, I am delighted to sign this pledge.

Full Name: Belinda Nugent

Email: belindafordublin@gmail.com

Party: Sinn Féin

Additional Comments: This is a fundamental manifesto that I pledge, if elected to follow through. I have worked in education and rehabilitation over the past ten years and know the importance in have a local government that supports, ensures that appropriate resources and funding is made available of all students. Education I believe opens doors, eradicates poverty traps and for all student of all ages.

Full Name: Edel moran

Email: edel.moran@dublincity.ie

Party: Sinn Féin

Full Name: Terence Flanagan

Email: terenceflanagan34@gmail.com

Party: Fine Gael

Additional Comments: Well done ! The younger generation are educating the older ‘re climate change .. keep it up !

Full Name: Sarah lipsett

Email: sarahlipsett@gmail.com

Party: Independent

Full Name: Sean McCabe

Email: sean.mccabe1@gmail.com

Party: Independent

Additional Comments: Thanks to USI for raising these three critical issues. I have been working on climate justice for the past 5 years with Mary Robinson, including on the negotiation of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. I want to see Ireland act on our commitments under these agendas. I have many friends living in Direct Provision and I have been working with them to seek relief and recourse from the injustices they face. I also know the doubt and frustration of trying to get educational support from SUSI. I’d be delighted to work with USI on all three issues if elected.

I’d also ask that any students with cars would consider supporting residents of direct provision centres getting to the polling stations on May 24th. In November I worked with residents in Mosney and Clondalkin to get 250 people registered to vote. They now need support in getting to cast their vote. (https://www.thejournal.ie/over-a-hundred-in-mosney-direct-provision-centre-register-to-vote-in-upcoming-local-elections-4542192-Mar2019/)

Full Name: Andrew Montague

Email: andrewmontague@me.com

Party: Labour Party

Full Name: sophie nicoullaud

Email: sophie.nicoullaud@greenparty.ie

Party: Green Party

Additional Comments: I am all for it except for the housing bit. I need to clarify that I support dedicated affordable, student housing close to the third level institutions where those projects are developed in tandem with the provision of suitable housing for local communities.

Full Name: Catherine Stocker

Email: catherine.stocker@socialdemocrats.ie

Party: Social Democrats

Additional Comments: Having worked in education access myself I’ve seen the impact austerity cuts and underfunding of education, grants and public services have had on students. Add to that the housing and rental crisis fuelled by Fine Gael policy and it’s clear that our students are being let down repeatedly because the government parties don’t prioritise them as they think students don’t vote. Prove them wrong – show them your voting power

Full Name: Cathal O’Donoghue

Email: cathal24@gmail.com

Party: Fianna Fáil

Additional Comments: All great initiatives.. Happy to support.. Well done guys! Cathal

Full Name: Eilis Ryan

Email: eilis.ni.riain@gmail.com

Party: Workers’ Party

Additional Comments: I have been a leading advocate against exploitative for-profit student housing including https://www.thejournal.ie/readme/affordable-housing-is-essential-why-are-we-handing-control-of-it-over-to-the-vultures-3213138-Jan2017/

Full Name: Shane Folan

Email: hello@shanefolan.ie

Party: Labour Party

Full Name: Anne Marie Condren

Email: amcondren@gmail.com

Party: Renua Ireland

Full Name: Rita Harrold

Email: rita4europe@gmail.com

Party: Solidarity

Additional Comments: I have happily participated in USI anti-fees protests for many years, it was the first issues I got politically active on. I have since been to USI events and worked with USI on housing and Women’s rights. I will work closely with student activists if elected.

Full Name: Marie Sherlock

Email: marie@mariesherlock.ie

Party: Labour Party

Additional Comments: I’m in favour of affordable student accommodation that is developed by the institutions themselves.