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Think Before You Type

Cyberbullying refers to bullying which is carried out using the internet, mobile phone or other technological devices. Cyberbullying generally takes a psychological rather than physical form but is often part of a wider pattern of ‘traditional’ bullying. It can take the form of exclusion, defamation, intimidation, impersonation or sending nasty or threatening messages, emails, photos or video clips; silent phone calls; putting up nasty posts or pictures on a message board, website or chat room; saying hurtful things in a chat room; pretending to be someone else in a chat room or message board or text message and saying hurtful…

Minding your mental health during COVID-19

Minding your mental health The spread of the Corona Virus can be very challenging for us all so it’s important that we take care of ourselves and our mental health. We have compiled some useful resources below which you can use to keep your mind healthy.   General tips It’s important that we take care of ourselves and our mental health during this time. Have a listen to some tips that the USI Exec Team has put together  for you to mind your mental health! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you're not as productive as you might have…
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