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Steering Committee

The conduct of USI democracy is overseen by the Steering Committee, which is elected for two year terms by the National Council. The committee officiates on elections and the conduct of meetings.

Steering committee members are former members of the Union – it is not permissible for a member of the Steering Committee to be a student in a member college.

Members 2012-2014


Julian De Spáinn (former President of USI 2000-2001)

Deputy Chairperson:

Richard Hammond (former President of USI 2001-2002)

Ordinary members:

Scott Aherne (former Welfare Officer of USI 2011-2012)

Layne Aston (former Welfare Officer of USI 2004-2005)

Brighid Breathnach (former USI Education Officer and Oifigeach na Gaeilge 2003-2004)

Aodhán O’Dea (former USI Oifigeach na Gaeilge 2010-2011)

Paul Lynam (former USI Officer 2009-2010)

Eric Fitzgerald (former DITSU Sabbatical Officer 2009-2010)

Colm Murphy (former USI Deputy President 2011-2012)