A new survey for members having completed a placement has been launched by USI.

The survey is maintained by the USI Vice President for Education, Clodagh McGivern, who may be contacted at education@usi.ie

Placement Survey March 2023

Placement Survey March 2023

How long is your placement?
How did you find the placement?
1=Not prepared at all5=Very prepared
What notice period were you given about where the placement was taking place?
Was the placement inside or outside the institution?
Was the placement on or off the island of Ireland?
1=Very poor5=Very good
How did your placement supervisor/tutor contact you?
Select all that apply
Support being disability support / reasonable accommodations / response or meetings if you had queries / adequate help with your placement report – a set of clear aims and objective
Do you feel that your expected learning outcomes were met whilst on placement?
Were you paid for your placement?
How long was your commute?
Are you a member of a Trades Union associated with the field of your placement?

Costs of Placement

Were there additional costs placed on you while on placement?
How much did commuting cost you per week?
Did you retain your near-college accommodation whilst you were on placement?


Did you have any complaints about your placement to your institution?
Did you formally raise the complaint?
Who did you make the complaint to?

Mental Health on Placement

Did you feel the need for mental health supports prior to going on placement?
Did you avail of on-campus mental health supports prior to your placement?
Did you experience any difficulty accessing those services
Did you feel the need for mental health support during your time on placement?
Were you aware of the availability of on-campus mental health support to you while on placement
Did you access on-campus mental health supports during your placement nor owing to something that happened on your placement?
Did you have difficulty accessing on-campus mental health support while on placement