Accommodation FAQs

Where will I find accommodation?

If you are moving away from home and you’re not sure where to look for accommodation, there are a few places you could go to for advice. Contact the Students’ Union in the college you will be attending, look up various websites such as and the college website where you’ll find details about campus accommodation. The college could have an accommodation office or someone in student services who can advise you on accommodation in the area. You can also check out Many homeowners rent a room in their home to students who study in the area. This type of accommodation is commonly referred to as Digs.

What is the USI Finance & Accommodation Guide?

The USI Finance & Accommodation Guide is a useful source of information for students moving out of home and renting during college with checklists, tips, space to record inventory and space top keep a record of rent paid.

Where do I get my free copy of the USI Finance & Accommodation Guide?

Please visit your local Students’ Union for your FREE copy or you can read the online copy on

What should I check when I’m viewing accommodation?

Check that all appliances are working, check for dampness and/or don’t be afraidto look behind the wardrobe or flip the mattress, check all locks on windows and doors, request a key for your bedroom door.

What questions should I ask before agreeing to when viewing accommodation?

It’s important to ask a lot of questions, write a list before you view so you don’t forget any. Ask; how much is deposit, rent in advance and rent, what other bills will I be paying, where is the closest supermarket, if necessary ask about parking for a care or bicycle, will the landlord supply me with an inventory.

What if I have to move in with strangers?

College if full of new and exciting experiences and moving in with new people is one of the first you will experience. This is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. More often than not they will become your greatest friends.

Do I have rights as a tenant?

Yes you do, your right as a tenant come from the Residential Act 2004 there are some of your rights listed in the USI Finance & Accommodation Guide and in addition, the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 provide a number of other rights and protections.

What is RTB & Threshold?

RTB are the Private Residential Tenancy Board, established as part of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants and to operate a system of tenancy registration. Landlords and tenants may refer disputes to the PRTB for resolution. For more information please visit

Threshold, National Housing Charity is based in Dublin, Galway and Cork and advises people on their housing rights. For more information please visit

If I experience accommodation issues during the year who should I contact?

If a problem does arise, try first to settle your differences directly with the landlord. If this does not help contact your Students’ Union for advice and to be referred on to someone else, e.g. bring a case to the RTB.