This year more than previous years we have heard of a huge uptake in the amount of people living in “digs” or owner-occupied homes, due to the housing crisis and the availability of a tax relief implemented by the government.

The aim of this survey is to see what kind of situations people living in digs are facing, how “digs” has changed in the past few years, and how digs can can be improved.

USI needs this information, so we know what to lobby for and have an evidence base for what is needed in future legislation and protections for students in digs.

Please complete this survey and help us to continue fighting for tenancy rights for students in digs.

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Digs / Rent-A-Room Survey 2023

General Information

Are you currently attending college?
Are you currently living in digs?
What college year(s) did you live in digs for?
Do you have a written agreement with the homeowner?
Did you have a written agreement with the homeowner?
Was it you or the homeowner who suggested the written agreement?

About your digs

How did /do you get to college?
Did the homeowner ever supply/offer transport?
What facilities were available to you?
Was everything in working condition?
Were meals included in your agreement with the homeowner?


What days were you allowed to use the room?
Did you have a curfew?
Were you allowed to have visitors?
Did you have a curfew for your visitors?
Move the slider to the left for 'free' and to the right for 'restricted'
Tell us every way in which you were restricted.
Were those restrictions explicit in your agreement or implied?
Did you ever have to pay maintenance out of pocket? (eg fixing microwave)
Did you ever have any significant disagreement with the homeowner or their family?
Did you ever have a significant disagreement with another tenant?
Have you ever needed housing or legal assistance due to disagreements?

Choice of Digs

Was ‘digs’ an option you felt that you had to choose due to a lack of alternatives?
How many homeowners did you have to contact before finding a suitable room?
Did you find more permanent accommodation after using digs?
Would you move out of your digs if you could?
Have you ever been evicted from digs?

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