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The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is supporting a student led campaign from students in Limerick School of Art and Design asking students ‘are you getting it?’ about consent. The campaign is being rolled out across LIT campuses, from LSAD, this week with the tagline of ‘Are You Getting It?.’ If you’re getting it, then you’re getting consent.

Speaking  about the launch, USI President Michael Kerrigan said:

“This year, is all about asking students ‘are you getting it?’ when it comes to consent. It’s important that every student who’s sexually active look after their own sexual health, and be respectful of others. USI is proud to support this campaign, and look forward to collaborating with LSAD and LIT students in the future.”

LSAD students and designers of the campaign, Sarah Egan and Hazel Curtis, said:

“Making this campaign has been all about using our creative skills for a good cause,if one person sees this campaign and changes their mindset on consent,then we’ve succeeded as designers.”

LIT Students’ Union President, Philip Desmond, said:

“A massive congratulations to Hazel Curtis and Sarah Egan for designing and developing such a phenomenal consent campaign. The #GetConsent campaign will now be rolled out on a national scale, and everyone here in LIT Students’ Union are really excited about that. Consent has been a very visible issue in recent times across the island of Ireland, but consent has always been an issue even if it has been silent or invisible to many.”

The campaign was launched on Monday the 23rd April in the Church Gallery at Limerick School of Art and Design – LIT. The campaign will be run from Monday April 23rd to Friday April 27th.

LITSU President Philip Desmond (Left) with students from LSAD at the launch of the campaign on Monday the 23rd of April

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