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The USI is committed to principles of Equality and Diversity, and this Sunday August 18th we will March for Marriage with LGBT Noise. Students want marriage equality for everyone.

Here is a personal story from Amee Dunne, President of St Angela’s Students’ Union and her girlfriend Kathryn Nea, Welfare Officer at St Angela’s Students’ Union:

”For many the March for Marriage is about enabling the change and reform that is needed in our country so that we can be another step closer to achieving an equal society. However, for us it was much more than that. We had both struggled for years to accept ourselves for who we were but with support from family and friends we could be ourselves.

Last year at the March for Marriage, it was our first time attending anything of that kind. For us the march for marriage was a real eye opener. Coming from a strong Catholic rural area, being LGBT was always seen as shameful and wrong, but attending the march showed us that it is okay to be LGBT and that the majority of people out there support you. It was amazing seeing people wave in support as we marched through the city. It didn’t matter if you were LGBT or an Ally, the love, support and pride we felt was surreal. We cannot wait to March on Sunday and be part of the change that is coming in Ireland.

The March for Equal Marriage is such an unbelievable opportunity to unite as a nation, it doesn’t matter if you are LGBT or if you are an Ally it is about supporting those who cannot support themselves, it is about showing the government that we will not stand for this inequality. We as a nation are ready for equality so please join us this weekend in our fight for what we deserve.”

Students meet at 2pm at TCD to join this historic march. Equality needs you. If you want to know more read the Constitutional Convention here.

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