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Campaign launched as students report increasing incidents of cyberbullying

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has launched a cyberbullying awareness campaign today at its annual Congress in Ballinasloe. The campaign is being run in partnership with NUS-USI, the National Youth Council of Ireland, Headstrong,, and This coalition of youth organisations have agreed that cyberbullying must be addressed at a national level and has become an issue of grave concern for many young people.

Congress approved a policy entitled “Combating Cyberbullying in Third-Level” and USI’s Vice President for Welfare, Denise McCarthy, launched the USI Guide to Cyberbullying. The guide includes tips on internet etiquette, advice on how to deal with cyberbullying and information on support services that are available to young people who become victim to it.

Download the Guide here.

Denise McCarthy, Vice President for Welfare said:

Social media is designed to bring people together, but when it’s used to exclude and target people the effects can be devastating. Welfare officers around the country report an increasing number of students citing incidents of harassment and online abuse. Many students are unaware of the support services available to them and how to go about reporting it. USI, in partnership with Ireland’s major youth organisations, will raise awareness of the issue and hopefully curtail this worrying trend. I am delighted that Congress has approved our policy on this matter and I’m confident that it will inform our attitudes and actions on this issue over the coming years.”


For more information contact USI Media and Communications Executive, Ronan Costello, on 085-1164263 or email

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