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Letter Penned By USI President, Michael Kerrigan:

“As President of USI, I would like to commend IT Tallaght Students’ Union (ITTSU) in their efforts to secure a full time Students’ Union secretary.

Strong Students’ Unions work as equal partners with their college, acting as critical allies, and enable the college to develop strong quality and governance processes.  In order for Students’ Unions to develop, they need resources and support.  Dedicated, highly skilled staff who are accountable to the Union are fundamental to development.

ITTSU are staging a sit in protest to highlight the Students’ Union’s need for a secretary. Without a full time staff position, the union is without a pillar of support and is resulting in the disruption of Students’ Union services and the closure of the building when officers are absent.

Since the SU secretary retired, the 3 sabbatical officers have committed over 600+ hours of unpaid overtime to battle the workload and arising issues from the lack of a secretary. This has led to spontaneous Students’ Union closures, services withdrawn and restricted access to the only recreation area for students.

After several meetings and correspondences with HR, the Registrar and the student services manager, little progress has been made. The talks began with an offer of a 3 day a week secretary for the SU building, this was rejected and more was to be done.

USI support ITTSU in following their mandate passed by students to demand a full time secretary within the Students’ Union building.

USI are joining the protest in solidarity along with Students’ Union officers from DIT, IT Blanchardstown and IT Tralee.

USI will continue to support ITTSU in their fight for proper staffing, and urge all of our members across Ireland to send solidarity. Together, we’re stronger.”



USI President

Michael Kerrigan


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