The Vice Presidents for the Regions attend Class Rep Trainings at the beginning of each academic year to address the newly elected class reps and to introduce them to what USI is, what USI does and to highlight the benefits of being members of USI.

The Vice Presidents for the Regions provide support to both sabbatical and part time officers in the roll out of events and campaigns. The Vice Presidents for the Regions also provide tailored support to officers during their term in office. Regional Vice Presidents spend the majority of their time on campuses supporting local Students’ Unions events, campaigns, and officers.

Regional officers attend Students’ Unions’ Class Rep Councils and Senates to provide an update on the work of USI and to provide information on national issues to students. This allows students the opportunity to question the work that USI is doing and also to provide them with a further insight into what USI has been working on in the previous number of weeks.

The Vice Presidents for the Regions roll out both local and national campaigns on campuses throughout the year. Regional Officers support local Students’ Union Officers with local campaigns such a Mental Health and SHAG Weeks as well as rolling out larger-scale national campaigns such as Generation Vote, Break the Barriers and Re: Charge.

Regional Officers act as a bridge of communication between local Students’ Union officers and the USI executive team. Regional Officers are tasked with liaising with officers across the country to ensure that local Students’ Unions and their students are informed with what USI is currently working on and to also bring back local updates to the USI executive team.

The Vice Presidents for the Regions also lead on and work in collaboration with other policy officers on the executive team on many various policies that USI are mandated by their members to carry out. These policies can range from union development areas to more specific welfare and academic tasks.