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Congress 2019 Citizenship Motions

Table of Contents

CZN 19 – 1       Introduction of Students in Leadership Campaign

Proposed By IT Tallaght Students’ Union.

Congress recognises:

The importance of students in leadership and students being given the tools, training and equal opportunities to these resources regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, race or creed.

Congress Acknowledges:

The work that has been done on the Women in Leadership campaign to date and what the campaign has done for women in leadership roles across the country.

Congress further recognises:

That students in leadership roles in colleges do not have an equal opportunity to avail of training and resources that students who are eligible to attend Women in lead do.

Congress therefore mandates:

The Vice President for Equality and Citizenship to create a new campaign, network and training for all students in leadership.  The same level of training, support and resources that currently exist in women in leadership should aim to create this all inclusive and diverse students in leadership campaign.

CZN 19 – 2       Irish Nationality and Citizenship

Proposed by Vice President for Equality and Citizenship

Council notes:

In 2004, 79% of the public voted in favour of a constitutional amendment which would remove the automatic right to citizenship for children born in Ireland. The following was inserted into Bunreacht na hÉireann,


Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, a person born in the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas, who does not have, at the time of the birth of that person, at least one parent who is an Irish citizen or entitled to be an Irish citizen is not entitled to Irish citizenship or nationality, unless provided for by law.


Council further notes:

That this constitutional amendment leaves many who were born here and who have been resident in Ireland throughout their lives, facing an uncertain legal future and in some cases, the threat of deportation.

Council notes with concern:

Nationality and citizenship has a huge impact on accessing education, considering the financial barriers facing those when classified as international students, although they were born in Ireland and have lived in the state since.

Council therefore mandates:

The Vice President for Equality and Citizenship to lobby for provisions to be made by the Oireachtas for jus soli citizenship and to support bills brought through the Oireachtas which would improve access to education for those living in Ireland.



CZN 19 – 3       Diversity in Leadership

Proposed by Letterkenny Institute Of Technology Students’ Union, St. Angela’s College, Sligo Students’ Union, Institute Of Technology, Sligo Students’ Union.

Congress notes:               

The massively positive impact of the Women in Lead and Pink Training events have had on the numbers of self-identifying women and members of the LQBTQAI+ Community in leadership positions within our Students’ Union and recognises there is still much to do in order to eradicate inequalities experienced by these groups.

Congress further notes:

Students from ethic groups, mature students, students with disabilities, lone parents and carers, students from Further Education and students in direct provision and asylum seekers are underrepresented in positions of leadership within our institutions and a focus on an intersectional campaign inclusive of all students within the Irish Education system.  The vision for the National Plan for Equity of Access was “to ensure that the student body entering, participating in and completing Higher Education at all levels reflects the diversity and social mix of Ireland’s population.” (National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education 2015-2019, 7) This document outlined the targeted under-represented groups include:

  • Entrants from socio-economic groups that have low participation in higher education.
  • First time, mature student entrants.
  • Students with disabilities.
  • Part-time/flexible learners.
  • Further education award holders.
  • Irish Travellers

The Progress Review of the National Access Plan and Priorities to 2021 outlined an increase in the number of students within the HE sector from these under-represented groups has increased. With an emphasis on encouraging students from these groups entering Higher Education there needs to be a focus on encouraging these students into positions of Leadership within our Students’ Unions structures.

Congress mandates the Vice President for Campaigns, Vice President for Equality and Citizenship and the Regional Vice President’s:

To establish a training event similar to Women in Lead to include groups with low representation in student leadership positions. This event will be followed up with regional support and include feedback from participants to ensure the continuous growth of the training.

CZN 19 – 4       Deposit and return schemes

Proposed By NUI Galway SU


Congress notes with concern:

Ireland is failing to meet its 2020 carbon emission targets to combat climate change, and leaves itself open to large fines as a result.

Congress recognises:

Sustainability has been proven to be a massive student issue, this year the Student Movement was a leading force in Climate case Ireland, and SUs across the country are continuing work inside and outside their institutions on sustainability .

Congress commends:

Deposit and return schemes in many European countries. These schemes encourage people to recycle plastic in exchange for money.

Congress welcomes:

The Repack Machine in UCC allows recycling of plastic, while also raising money for UCCSU designated charities, and the positive impact this has had on their campus.

Congress mandates:

The Vice President for Equality and Citizenship and USI President to lobby the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment to introduce a national deposit and return scheme, and to lobby for economic supports for the introduction of such schemes.

CZN 19 – 5       Diversity in Leadership

Proposed By Dublin City University SU

Congress notes

the sucess and effectiveness of women in leadership series on women in politics and society

Congress believes

representation of minors groups is struggling

Congress mandates

vp for equality and citizenship to setup diversity in leadership series to tackle this!


CZN 19 – 6       Diversity in Leadership

Proposed by Border, Midlands & Western Region Group

Congress notes:

The lack of Diversity in full time elected sabbatical officers in Member Organisations of USI.


Congress applauds:

The fantastic job done by Women in Leadership Training and the significant work that has been undertaken by MOs in empowering women to run for leadership positions. 2018/19 sees the rewards of this with women now dominating the number of elected MO Officers.


Congress calls for:

More inclusivity and diversity amongst elected Students’ Union Officers.


Congress therefore Mandates:

The USI Vice President for Equality and Citizenship to take the template Women in Leadership and adapt it to create a weekend training event with the aim of empowering minorities to run for leadership positions.


Congress therefore Repeals:

15 EQ 1

14 EQ 1


CZN 19 – 7          Referendum on the Extension of Presidential Voting Rights
Proposed by Vice President for Equality and Citizenship
Congress notes

The upcoming referendum on the extending Presidential voting rights to Irish citizens living outside of the Republic of Ireland.

Congress recognises

That Irish citizens, regardless of their location, should have the right to vote for their nation’s head of state.

Congress mandates

USI Officer Board to campaign in favour of extending Presidential voting rights to those living outside of the Republic of Ireland.