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The delegate leader is the primary contact for delegates about USI Congress, and the person with primary responsibility for the conduct and safety of your delegates.


Getting your delegates ready for Congress

Delegates who approach Congress with more information tend to perform the best at the event and get the most out of it. Here’s how.

Your obligations

As the Delegation Leader, you’ll be required to attend meetings at the start of Congress and at least once each day throughout the event.

In the event of anything requiring a delegate to leave the Congress (e.g. injury needing a hospital visit), you or your designated deputy will be reponsible to arrange that and accompany the delegate.

In the event of the hotel or Congress Director needing assistance to deal with your delegates, you’ll be required to support that effort.

Give them the information

We will publish all the congress motions, rules and standing orders on this website in advance of the Congress. They’re available on the Congress Hub

Inform them in advance of this website and they’ll have all the information they need.

Discuss Congress Protocol
You know there are rules at USI Congress on conduct, safety and consent.  Make sure they know this in advance and bring the rules to their attention.  They’ll be on the Congress Hub one month before Congress.
Their safety is vital
We take safety at USI Congress very seriously.  We won’t tolerate anything which endangers our delegates, staff or contributors, and neither should you.  You need to know:

  • We have the authority to send delegates out of Congress (and out of the hotel) if in our (read: Congress Director or President) view they pose a risk to anyone.  You have the right to replace them
  • We won’t tolerate abusive or anti-social behaviour and we will call it out if it happens
  • In the case of sexual or violent misconduct, expect that USI will fully comply with the requests of the authorities. We expect you to, also.
Non-Adult Delegates

Congress is an event which takes place in a licenced hotel and is therefore for adults only.

We appreciate that this may be disappointing, however, the responsibility of policing non-adults on the premises is too onerous for us or you to bear.

Sleeping Arrangements

We don’t know yet which MOs will be allocated to which rooms – but we do know that pretty much everyone is sharing.  There will be no option for single rooms at Congress.

Everyone has the right to three nights’ sleep at Congress.

As you may recall from last year, many of the rooms at the hotel are family rooms with lots of beds.  We recommend that when the moment comes, you select the people who won’t sleep anyway for these rooms.

And one last thing on this: we can’t accommodate everyone’s desire to be in a bed shaped like a car, a bus or a train, so stop asking.

Delegation Meetings
We recommend you have a delegation meeting every morning and evening to check in with delegates and make sure they’re doing okay.