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Congress 2017 – what you need to know

Congress 2017 will take place on 27 to 30 March 2017 at the Treacy’s West County Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare.

This is information for delegates attending the Congress and their delegation leaders.

Getting there

The Hotel is very accessible by road.  The main public transport routes come to the integrated Bus Éireann and Iarnród Éireann station, which is a very short taxi journey away – it’d be a bit long to walk.

Parking is plentiful and complimentary – but we advise car-pooling for all delegates.

Food and Drink

Your delegate fee includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  If you have special dietary requirements, you must inform your delegation leader before 11th March in order for these to be accommodated.  Note that there are always vegetarian options, but that vegan and coeliac options must be specified so that the hotel can order from their suppliers.

  • Monday: Lunch and Dinner
  • Tuesday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Wednesday: Breakfast, Lunch and Congress Dinner
  • Thursday: Breakfast


  • Each delegate will have a bed in a shared room. Who you’re sharing with will be set by your delegation leader, so do talk to your DL if you have any preferences.  Neither the hotel nor USI will engage in swapping people’s rooms – negotiate inside your delegation.
  • It is possible but unlikely that a tiny number of delegates may be sharing in rooms with delegates from other colleges. We’ll try to avoid this, but delegation sizes make it difficult to accommodate.
  • Whilst it is the intention to accommodate all delegates at the Congress hotel, there may be overspill into nearby locations. This will primarily affect delegations who miss deadlines for registrations, and Congress Observers.
  • You’ll be sharing in a room with other people of the same gender.
  • Requests for non-sharing (single) rooms will be considered if there is availability, but these incur an additional cost of €100. Those requests must be made by 11 March.

Whoever is allocated to a room has the right to sleep there in comfort without disturbance, and to request that anybody not allocated to the room should leave.  We’ll enforce this if needs be.

Further – whoever’s allocated to a room is responsible for the state of the room each morning prior to the arrival of cleaners and at checkout, with no exceptions.  Any loss or damages in rooms will be charged to the delegates allocated to the rooms.  You must make sure your room is clean and tidy each morning, since we can’t be paying danger money to cleaners.

Bí ciúin (be quiet) near the bedrooms!  People have a right to sleep.

Leisure Facilities

Congress isn’t a holiday, but we appreciate people need to unwind.  The hotel has a great health and leisure suite  and you’re welcome to avail of the facilities in your down time.

Congress Dinner

The Congress Dinner is the last night shindig – it’s an opportunity to have a more elegant and less rushed meal without having to refuel and return to the debate.  It’s also the chance for the President to address the Congress and the Steering Committee to provide their take on how Congress has been.

We don’t believe in dress codes at USI – but many people take the Congress Dinner as the opportunity to dress up a little, and it’s usually full of suits and frocks. Your call.

What should I wear?

Good question. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in for the Congress sessions – you’ll be in a big room with a couple of hundred other students.  You will want comfort more than anything.

For the evening sessions and entertainment, there may be dress implications of the entertainments we (or your Delegation Leader) have planned, so keep checked in with them to find out what’s happening.


USI Congress drama happens in the elections and the debates – we don’t need drama outside the Congress Hall. Details on the conduct expected of our delegates can be found in the Congress Document, but basically:

  • Behave.

We don’t anticipate any problems at Congress, but be aware that USI believes in personal responsibility for the actions of individuals at our events. We won’t hesitate to exclude an attendee for any action which makes another delegate feel less able to participate, and in the incredibly rare circumstance where someone seriously misbehaves, we will not hesitate to report that activity and support the authorities.

Specifically, USI has policy on cyberbullying and adopts an explicit consent approach to sexual activity at Congress.