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USI Annual Congress 2015

USI Annual Congress 2015 will occur from Monday 23rd March, 2015 to Thursday 26th March, 2015.


Nominations for the following positions will open on Friday 16th January, 2015 and must be submitted prior to 5.30pm on Thursday 12th February 2015:

  1. President
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs & Quality Assurance
  3. Vice President for Welfare
  4. Vice President for Campaigns
  5. Vice President for Equality & Citizenship
  6. Vice President for the Border, Midlands & Western Region
  7. Vice President for the Southern Region
  8. Vice President for the Irish Language

The positions listed from #1 to #7 inclusive are paid positions and the position listed at #8 is unpaid.

Candidates for each position must be nominated by two member organisations which are in benefit.  In respect of the positions of Vice President for the Border, Midlands & Western Region and Vice President for the Southern Region the nominating member organisations must be within the respective region for each position.

Nominations must be presented on the headed paper of the member organisation and signed by the President of the member organisation.  Nominations may be submitted by facsimile to +353 (1) 447 5081 marked for the attention of Elections Committee or by emailing a scanned copy of the nomination form to

Candidates are required to submit documentation proving their membership of USI prior to the close of nominations.

USI Officership Terms & Conditions 2015-2016

In accordance with the USI Constitution candidates are required to confirm their acceptance of the USI Officership Terms & Conditions 2015-2016 set by Finance Committee in advance of the elections which occur at Annual Congress 2015.

Timetable and Deadlines

  • Friday 16th January 2015, 9.00am           Open of Nominations for Elections.


  • Thursday 12th February 2015, 5.00pm Close of Submission of Nominations.


  • Thursday 19th February 2015, 5.00pm Deadline for Withdrawal of Nominations.

Is muidne go beannachtach


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