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This content was first published 5 years ago and may be superseded by events or new information. Please bear this in mind when evaluating this news article.

Can I arrange to pay my fees in installments?

Most higher education institutions will facilitate some form of installment plan for fees. At a minimum, colleges that allow for installments will allow you to split the €3,000 into two payments of €1,500. Some institutions will allow for more payments of smaller amounts, totalling no more than €3,000.


Your best bet here is to contact someone within your college’s fees or finance department. A simple Google search will sort you out.


How can I change course?

It may well transpire that your course wasn’t what you thought it was, or that the grass on the other side is much greener. Arrangements differ from institution to institution, but your best bet to get the wheels in motion is to discuss the issue with a member of academic staff responsible for your course (maybe a course coordinator or head of department) and someone with similar responsibility for the course into which you wish to transfer. They have these conversations all the time.


How do I resolve a dispute with a member of academic staff?

Like any dispute, a disagreement with a member of academic staff is best handled as diplomatically and calmly as possible. Before approaching a member of academic staff to resolve an issue, consider the following:


  • Is the issue specific to you? Issues that affect many members of the class might best be resolved through your class rep.
  • Is your issue with policy, or with individual behaviour? Is this member of staff actually responsible for what’s annoying you, or are they just playing by the rules?
  • Does your college have a formal process for resolving such issues? If you’re not sure, find out. Your students’ union will know.


If you’re satisfied that you need to address an issue, send a calm and polite email address to the member of staff, briefly state your issue, and ask to meet to discuss it. If you feel comfortable having the first meeting informally without representation then do so, but if you want to bring someone with you then you should inform the member of staff. In that case, they may wish to have representation too.


What do I do if I fail an exam?

The best and most obvious advice is not to panic. The options available to you vary not only from college to college, but also from department to department. If you fail an exam:


  • Consult your course handbook (which you should be able to find online or in your email) to ascertain the regulations surrounding exams and progression;
  • Speak to the lecturer responsible for the module in order to find out why you failed;
  • Ask your department about your options for repeat or appeal;
  • Discuss your options with your students’ union.


How do I check the progress of a grant application?

You can check the progress of your grant application using the SUSI grant Application Tracker. You need your application reference number (it usually begins with a W) and some other login details that you’ll have created yourself at the start of the application process. The SUSI helpline (0761 08 7874) or your students’ union can answer any follow-up questions you may have.

This content was first published 5 years ago and may be superseded by events or new information. Please bear this in mind when evaluating this news article.