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The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) stands in solidarity with Trinity College Dublin Students’ Unions (TCDSU) after the announcement that Trinity students will be expected to pay a flat fee of €450 for supplement exams from 2019 onwards, following a decision of the College Board on February 28th. The union will show full support and solidarity with students in Trinity to oppose these fees with TCDSU.

Michael Kerrigan, USI President, said,

“This hike is a direct attack on students in an attempt to shake every last cent from their pockets. Students in Trinity College Dublin are struggling to pay soaring rents in cramped rooms, competing for already squeezed financial support, and paying the second highest fees in the EU.

“Supplemental fees were opposed by students in a recent preferendum, and with students in Trinity we will fight these fees again, and again, and again until the message is heard by the college. Students will not stand for being seen as cash cows to plug the gap.”

USI is urging students across the country to show solidarity with TCDSU, supporting any direct action that will be taken. TCDSU will hold an emergency open meeting tonight (Tuesday March 6th) at 7pm in the Edmund Burke theatre in the Arts Block to discuss its response.

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