Fact: Ireland has the highest college fees
in the European Union.

Can it be right that students are paying so much for

an underfunded higher education system? 

It can't be right that students in Ireland are faced with the highest fees in the European Union.

We know that our education and the skills we gain will benefit us, but we also know they will benefit the whole society.  Join with us to fight back for education as a public good.

With soaring rents, the highest fees in the EU and student supports totally out of touch with the needs of students it is incumbent on politicians in Ireland to rise up and take action.

We’re asking you to sign our Education for All pledge and commit to campaigning on these issues alongside Students’ Union activists across the country.

Students: Ring your Mammy

  • Students are a mighty force to be reckoned with when we come together, but our parents are also very strong too. By getting them on board, we can show public representatives that access to education affects much more than just students.
  • Ask them how they feel about students paying the highest fees in the EU and some of the highest student rents in Europe.
  • Show them the Education for All video here on this page
  • Ask them to write to, text, email or WhatsApp their TD about how they need to address access to Higher Education in 2021 and for them to sign the pledge

Day of Action 24 March 2021