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Students are to take further action over the coming days to see the release of Ibrahim Halawa in light of the Egyptian government delaying the imprisoned 21 year old’s trial for the 22nd time today.

USI President Annie Hoey stated, “There have been 18 trial delays, and Ibrahim awaits his along with over 400 others​. He spent his 21st birthday in jail. He has engaged in a hunger strike​ due to poor conditions​. This treatment cannot be allowed to continue on a human rights basis and we can’t ignore it”​

​USI is calling on students across the country to put pressure on the Egyptian embassy today by calling them and voicing their concern.​ USI are urging students to call the Egyptian embassy on +353 (0) 1 660 6718 and let them know that students support the immediate release of Ibrahim Halawa.


Please call the Egyptian Embassy at (+353) 1 660 6718 and let them know that you support Ibrahim Halawa.

​Here is a suggested script:​

“Hi, my name is _________, and I am from ________. I am a student in Ireland. I am calling to urge the Egyptian authorities to release Ibrahim Halawa immediately. He is in prison for expressing his right to freedom of expression and has not had a fair trial in 3 years. The mass trial he faces with 493 other people cannot be fair. Please release him immediately”


Ibrahim ​Halawa ​was arrested on 17 August 2013, and has been imprisoned in Egypt since without trial.​ Amnesty International has conducted a thorough review of the prosecution evidence and found no credible evidence against him. According to Amnesty, Ibrahim is being “detained solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly”.

During #USI17 Congress in March 2017, student representatives across Ireland voted unanimously to support a campaign for Ibrahim’s immediate release.



Congress notes with deep concern the severe deterioration of the health conditions in recent weeks of Ibrahim Halawa, the Irish citizen interned in Egypt, who is currently on hunger strike.  

Congress is horrified by the consistently barbaric and inhumane detention of Ibrahim by the Egyptian regime during his now three year internment.

Congress is disgusted by the lack of priority given by the Irish government to the detention of a young Irish citizen whose life is now in peril.  

Congress in its long standing support of human rights states its solidarity with Ibrahim Halawa in his righteous fight for freedom.

Congress therefore mandates USI to call on the Irish government to intensify their efforts for the release of Ibrahim Halawa.

Congress further mandates the USI Vice-President for Equality & Citizenship to engage with the relevant human rights organisations to support the campaign for the release of Ibrahim Halawa.

Students’ Union officers across Ireland demanding Ibrahim is freed on the day of his 21st birthday in December 2016.


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