ESU – European Students’ Union

What is ESU?


The European Students’ Union is a membership organisation of national unions of students in Europe. It has 47 members from 39 different countries. Through its members, ESU represents over 20 million students in Europe. Its headquarters are in Brussels. The overall aim of ESU is to represent and promote the educational, social, economic and cultural interests of students at a European level, By working with ESU, USI is able to contribute to debate and influence the European Union, the Bologna Follow Up group(BFuG), the Council of Europe and UNESCO. ESU is also a member of the European Youth Forum. ESU have a vision of equal educational and social opportunities in an open and democratic Europe where students work together to shape a sustainable future. This vision accords with USI’s own views around international co-operation.


ESU Events

USI attends four events every year, and delegations are normally made of the relevant Coiste Gnó officers and officers from USI’s Membership Organisations. Two to three members of our Member Organisations are normally selected to attend each event.  

Board Meetings

The Board Meeting is the highest decision-making body, representatives from each member national union are equally responsible for oversight of ESU and making sure it thrives. USI has two votes at these meetings and is ordinarily represented by two members of the USI Coiste Gnó, and two members of Comhairle Náisiúnta. 

The Board has the power to take decisions on:  

  • Plans of action, policies and resolutions 
  • Budgets   
  • Changes to the statutes 
  • Disbanding the organisation 
  • Approving or disapproving the work of the EC 
  • Membership status 
  • Granting the status of an associate organisation 
  • Creating, mandating and disbanding Working Groups 
  • Elections and discharging of the EC  
  • Elections and discharging elect the members of the Commission for Internal Auditing 
  • Elections for the chair of each Working Group 
  • Elections of the host organisation of Board Meetings   

The Board Meeting will also deal with all other matters that the members of the Board decide is competent, provided these matters are not against the Statutes or Standing Orders. These ordinarily take place in November/December and May of each year. 

European Student Conventions (ESC)

A non-voting discussion forum that through debates and workshops and speakers allows members to exchange good practice and develop their own thinking around policies. These are ordinarily hosted in September and May by various member national unions. 

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