Exams are an inevitable factor in student life. Nearly everyone will have to sit exams at some stage and very few of us can get through them without the stress levels getting quite high. With the right preparation exams can be manageable allowing you to show how much you have learned which is what exams are all about.

Making a study planner is a handy way to stay on track leading up to exams time. Write down all the things you need to do each day of the week and how long you need for each, including time for sleep, relaxation and exercise. Find out the date of each exam and work out a study timetable leading up to them. This can give you some direction and help you focus on what to study each week or day.


What if I can't sit my exam?

 Firstly contact your department or college exams office to let them know even if it is the day of the exam. If you are unwell, ensure you get medical attention, request and keep medical notes and prepare for your next exam if possible. If a family member or friend is seriously unwell or has passed away keep any documentation and get in touch with your Welfare officer for support and advice. If you are unsure about anything contact your SU.

What if I can’t complete the exam?

If you become unwell during the exam let one of the exam supervisors know ASAP. They will ensure you get the necessary attention and follow the protocol required. If you become panicked or stressed during the exam take a break- ask to use the bathroom or step outside for a moment to catch your breath. When you come back to the exam, create a brief plan of how you will manage the rest of the time available to you. This will help you focus and make the most out of your remaining time. If you are unsure about anything or have an issue to do with the exam contact your SU. .

What if I fail my exam?

Firstly don’t panic, you are not the first and certainly not the last person to not pass an exam. Contact your lecturer or department about viewing your exam script, getting feedback on your paper and sitting repeats. If you wish to appeal your results contact your SU for guidance on the Appeals Procedure. As you cannot always control the conditions you sit your exams under, it is important you are prepared for the possibility of resits by keeping organised notes.

Study Planners