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Help us set a new World Record – show the world how big our heart is!

The Union of Students in Ireland will hold a world record attempt on 25 April at Smithfield Square, Dublin 7.*

The event will consist of an attempt to form a large number of people into the shape of a heart.  There is no current record for this feat, though similar records have been attempted and set.  We want hundreds in our heart – and we’re looking for a thousand!

What is the record?

We will form hundreds of people from all walks of life into the shape of a heart. We’ll hold that formation for five minutes and that should secure the record.

Who's judging it?

We will have a number of official cameras recording the formation of the heart, including how many people attend on the day to form it. They will determine that the heart is heart shaped, that it is held for five minutes and that we have used real human beings to form the heart.

What do I need to bring?

You need to wear red – as the people at Guinness World Records say so. When you arrive on the day you’ll receive a small goody bag with an attempt t-shirt, a poncho and whatever else we can get in there.

What must I do NOW?

You need to register right here.



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