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2989 students from DIT Students’ Union (DITSU) voted to remain with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) with a total of 3265 votes cast. Polls opened at 10am on Tuesday 14th of March and closed at 8pm on Wednesday the 15th of March. The count took place in DIT Bolton Street with Students’ Unions candidates present. Final result was 91% of DITSU voters saying yes to USI for another 3 years.

Speaking after the result was announced, USI President Annie Hoey thanked the campaign team and the students of DIT. “USI look forward to continuing our work with the students of DIT. Key campaigns ahead around the technological university bill, independent Students’ Unions and working to further the cause of international students will be key for DITSU and USI. I was very happy to see an excellent DITSU team elected and I look forward to seeing what these officers will bring to USI next year”.

Speaking at the count today, referendum campaign lead and Vice President for Welfare, Cian Power, said, “Being the Vice President for the Dublin Region and leading this referendum showed the mettle of USI. Officers from NUIGSU, QUBSU, IT Tralee SU, GMITSU, AITSU, TCDSU, DCUSU, DKITSU, IADTSU, IT Carlow SU, WITSU, LITSU, and students of DIT came together to campaign for a resounding yes vote. This solidarity shows how the student movement are united together and want to remain together. Thank you to everyone who helped”.

USI is a membership based organisation and DITSU has been a member since DITSU’s inception in 1985. In March 2016, the students of DIT amended the DITSU Constitution to allow a referendum take place to decide whether or not DITSU should continue to be a member of USI. DITSU’s Constitution allows for a referendum on membership of USI to take place every 3 years, beginning in 2017. This allows students to have more of a say in their Union’s affairs. As such, the result of this Referendum will apply until there is another Referendum on the subject in 2020.




YES: 2989

NO: 276

See full details of total of votes here across each campus:

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