23rd May 2015 Press Release

Students play a historic and key role in delivering Yes referendum victory

The role of USI and students has been a key factor in securing a Yes vote in this referendum, according to USI President Laura Harmon. “Students can be rightly proud of the tremendous contribution they have made to the success of this historic marriage equality referendum campaign.”

Ms Harmon said the passing of the referendum shows just how far public opinion has come in Ireland.  It is not only a historic occasion but a sign to ourselves and to the rest of the world of a new Ireland – one of inclusivity, equality and generosity of spirit.”

Ms Harmon said that the late surge in voter registrations with nearly 28,000 new voters signed up through the USI initiative, and with 90% of students in favour combined with the high turn-out among young voters, was a key factor in the success of the Yes campaign “

“In October 2014 we embarked on a focused Voter Registration promotion and continued this process into 2015 with our Supplementary Register drive.  We also launched our Yes referendum campaign early in mid-January and introduced our  #makegráthelaw and www.voteforlove.ie  online campaign.  We engaged students throughout the country through campus speeches, information leaflets, canvassing workshops and made it a fun experience through our world record for the largest ever human Love Heart.  We also made extensive use of social media platforms including our online transport initiative #VoterMotor to get students to polling stations.”

“I would like to thank USI’s officer board, our hard working staff and our member student unions throughout the country and in particular our Vice President for Equality and Citizenship Annie Hoey for making our marriage equality yes campaign such a resounding success.”


President Laura Harmon:   086 173 8455

Steve Rawson  087 235 7551 / Pat Montague 086 827 4928

Issued on behalf of USI by Rawson/Montague Communications