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USI Fighting to Keep Insurance Rates for International Students Down


A decision made by the Health Insurance Authority has meant that Insurance costs for International Students could rise significantly, due to the ruling which would deem them ordinarily resident in Ireland. A court appeal is currently in progress and USI has been involved in lobbying efforts to ensure its success. USI is a member of the Alliance for Affordable Insurance for International Students, and on the legislative side is currently in lobbying efforts to get the Committee for Select Health to table amendments that would overturn this decision. Amendments tabled thus far have been ruled out of order by the chair. 


International students already pay extortionate fees to study in this country and should be able to avail of insurance that meets their needs and doesn’t put them out of pocket by hundreds of euros. Moreover, the insurance cover currently used by students go beyond health and also includes repatriation, but under this judgement there will be no repatriation covered, meaning that students are likely to have worse cover than at present. Up to 30,000 students could be affected by the changes, should they be implemented. 


We are continuing our lobbying efforts and will monitor the debate as it goes forward to the Seanad. USI will work as part of the Alliance to ensure that insurance costs are kept at a reasonable rate for international students. 


The bill is due to be debated in the Seanad this coming Wednesday [18th December] and anyone wishing to help in lobbying efforts can contact the following health and education spokespeople: 



Senator Alice Mary Higgins.


T: (01)  618 3869

Senator Michael Mc Dowell.


T: (01)618 3466

Senator Ronan Mullen


T: (01) 618 3660

University Dublin

Senator Ivana Bacik


T: (01) 618 3055

Senator David Norris


T: (01) 618 3104

Senator Lynn Ruane


T: (01) 618 3277

Fianna Fail

Senator Robbie Gallagher


T: (01) 618 3087

Senator Keith Swanick


T: (01) 618 3736

Fine Gael

Colm Burke


T: (01) 618 3115

Sinn Fein

Máire Devine


T: (01) 618 3417


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