USI helping tens of thousands of students to get home to vote on May 25th

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) today launched a new platform on called #VoterMotor giving student voters nationwide the opportunity to link up with other voters by arranging to travel together to their polling station on May 25th.

Speaking at the launch, USI President Michael Kerrigan said:

“Students are the ones driving change. This carpooling campaign will help get students home to vote on Friday if they’re stuck for a lift. Millions of Irish citizens will need to travel from their homes to local polling stations – but a lot of people are registered far away from their work or study places. We’re calling on people to pledge to drive others home to vote on May 25th through and be the drivers for change.”

“We directly registered 26,979 new student voters in the lead up to this referendum to remove the Eighth Amendment,” Kerrigan said. “Majority of students are united on the issue and will be voting ‘Yes’ for a more caring and compassionate Ireland. We’re expecting student turnout to be bigger than the Marriage Equality vote in 2015.”

USI is the national representative body for the 374,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland, and is a member of the national civil society campaign, Together For Yes. In 2015, USI mobilsied students to vote in Marriage Equality seeing the largest youth voter turnout for any vote in the history of the state.