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The President of USI, Kevin Donoghue, has expressed solidarity with the victims of the bus crash in Spain, in which thirteen students from across Europe were killed, and with victims of the terror attacks in Brussels last night.

Speaking on the first day of debate at USI Congress in Ennis, Co. Clare, Mr Donoghue said:

I want to take a moment to recognise two horrific events in the past few days; the bus crash in Spain which injured two students from Ireland and resulted in the deaths of students from our fraternal partners in Europe is heartbreaking; they were expanding their horizons and striking out in  other countries to learn more about their chosen subject and the world around them; we are deeply saddened by their loss.


Last night’s attacks in Brussels, across the metro network and the airport in that city, have left thirteen people dead; families devastated, children without parents and parents without children.


Our student movement is, of course, powerless to confront the geopolitical mess creating these appalling atrocities; nevertheless we’ve always been unafraid to stand up for peace, at home and abroad.


I know that you will want to send a message of sympathy and solidarity with the victims of these events- and to take a moment to think of those outside our movement affected.

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