Contact has been made with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) and Student Sport Ireland (SSI) by the Union of Students in Ireland to confirm if the hugely disappointing decision by the IRFU to ban Trans women from contact rugby will affect student competitions.

USI is disgusted by today’s announcement by the IRFU that Trans women will not be allowed to take part in women’s contact rugby competitions for the upcoming season, and will not stand by while any students are excluded from playing the sport they love. 

USI President, Beth O’Reilly said: “USI has been in touch with both the IRFU and SSI to get clarity on what this decision means for college sport. We are disgusted by this announcement on every level, but when it comes to college sport and the affect it might have on students, we will not accept it and will do everything in our power to have such a move stopped. We have been in touch with our Students’ Union members and are currently awaiting reply from both the IRFU and SSI. 

The IRFU has used its social media accounts to promote empty gestures of LGBTQ+ inclusivity, but when it had a chance to really stand with the LGBTQ+ community, it hasn’t followed through.” 

USI Vice President for Equality and Citizenship, Maeve Richardson said: “The decision is yet another attack on Trans women and a further attempt to exclude a minority from taking part in everyday society. Trans men will not be affected by this decision, which further shows it as an attack on Trans women. In our view this decision is based on outdated stereotypes and is pandering to an outspoken minority who do not represent the views of ordinary sportspeople in Ireland.”