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The Union of Students in Ireland released a statement today, saying they fully support former USI President, Laura Harmon, and Trinity College Dublin Students Union President, Lynn Ruane in their Seanad campaigns.

“The Union of Students in Ireland is delighted to support the 2014/2015 USI President, Laura Harmon, and Lynn Ruane, TCDSU President, in their Seanad run.” Kevin Donoghue, USI President, said, “Both candidates have a lot of experience in student politics and have been at the right side of history in movements like the marriage referendum and repealing the 8th. We wish both Laura and Lynn the best in the Seanad run.”

Harmon is running as an independent candidate for NUI Seanad. Tallaght native Ruane is running as an independent candidate for the University of Dublin Seanad.

“I’m delighted that USI is endorsing me for the Seanad NUI panel.” Laura said, “As a previous USI president, I want to thank students’ unions for voting to support me. Access to education, political reform and equality are at the heart of what I stand for and if elected I will work closely with civil society organisations like USI on this.”

Harmon (29) said she wants universal voting rights and political reform of the parliament. Ruane (31) a mother of two, is a former addiction counsellor and secured a place in Trinity through its access programme for under-represented groups.

“Students and graduates are the driving force of a stable economy and yet we consistently remain at the bottom of the political agenda.” Lynn Ruane said, “We need to elect a university senator who is willing to champion and defend higher education. I am truly honoured by USI’s decision to endorse my Seanad candidacy and I pledge to strongly advocate on behalf of students if elected to the upper house.”

Of the 60 members of the Seanad, three are elected by graduates of the University of Dublin and three are elected by graduates of the National University of Ireland.

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