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Proposal: For the Government to reduce the Student Contribution Charge by a minimum of €250 and invest €1.26bn into higher education over the next decade.

Costing: €17.5m per €250 reduction per annum

Proposal: For the Government to restore grant for student teachers’ attendance at mandatory Gaeltacht courses

Costing: €1m

Proposal: For the Government to overturn the decision in Budget 2014 to impose the new pro-rata Student Contribution and reinstate the State contribution to fund apprenticeship fees.

Costing: €3m to remove apprenticeship college fees annually

Proposal: For the Government to commit to part-time and further education students receiving the same supports that would be available to full-time students in similar circumstances and make a hardship fund available for students who are studying part-time and in further education

Costing: €5m  and €2.5m