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USI Irish Language Policy

Following are the rules and guidelines in relation to the use of Irish within the Union of Students in Ireland. They will provisional standing in terms of the function and work of the USI until National Congress 2013, when they will be they will be put before the organisation.

1. Publications

a. All principle documentation (policies, lobbying documents etc.) shall be printed bi-lingually, in case of existing policy they will
be translated on a continuing basis from here on out. The V.P. Irish, while having overall responsibility for this work will consult
with the relevant officer when necessary.
b. In the case of materials printed with time constaints – less than three weeks – there will not be a requirement to fully translate
them. In this case the relevant Officer will work with the V.P. Irish to ensure that Irish is as visible as possible, i.e. headings,
preamble etc. to be in Irish
c. The Irish version will be, at least, the same size and design as the English version.

2. Campaigns

a. Insofar as is possible, materials will be made available in Irish and in English. Training events, USI campaigns, USI meetings
especially will fall under this section.
b. It will be the responsibility of the V.P. Irish to ensure a certain amount of their materials, are available in Irish during any
National Campaign.
i. It will be the responsibility of the V.P. Irish and the Irish Officer in the relevant MO to implement this work.
c. There will be, insofar as is possible, spokespeople made available during large events. If this is not feasible, the V.P. Irish will make sure that the principal speaker has pre-prepared Irish ready.
d. It will be the responsibility of the V.P. Irish to co-ordinate with an Ceann Áras, in order to make sure that the same coverage is in the Irish-Language media as is in the English-language media.

3. Development of Irish in USI

a. In the case that there is no Irish Officer in a certain MO, the V.P. Irish will work with the relevant union in order to ensure that the Union is catering for the needs of Irish speakers.
b. The V.P. Irish will organise a training session for the Irish Language community in USI on an annual basis. This training will be organised in co-operation with relevant organisations from the Irish Language Sector. This training will outline the responsibilities on Irish Language Officers, or Cumainn Gaelaigh in part with their Union in the absence of an Irish Language Officer.
c. To encourage the use of Irish at National Council, the V.P. Irish will provide vocabulary for use during National Council.
Public Relations a. It will be the responsibility of the V.P. Irish to work with the V.P. Campaigns in order to ensure that Irish is at the same level as English in the social media circles.
b. Translation of the website to Irish will begin, to that to option to view it in Irish will be available in the future.

External Communication

a. Any contact to the English-language media, will be sent to the Irish-language media, and that contact to be in Irish, in such
cases that time will allow.
b. The V.P. Irish will be contacted when an issue comes to the fore that affects the work of the V.P. Irish in any way.
c. The V.P. Irish will contact an Ceann Áras, before speaking to the media, they will look for relevant information from any Officer
under whose brief that subject falls. Policy Development
a. In order to develop this policy, and develop the standing of Irish in USI, the V.P. Irish will review this document every six
months. This review will be done in part with an Coiste na Gaeilge, and the President if needs be.

USI Staff

a. Classes will be made available on a voluntary basis to USI employees.
b. The phone will be answered with a greeting in Irish and inEnglish and the person taking the call will have, or be taught,
enough Irish, to forward the call to another Officer, or member of staff.
c. A certain amount of support will be afforded the V.P. Irish which will help them promote the Irish Language in an organised and
continuous way, in the MO’s and in USI itself. This will done in part with other National Organisations insofar as is possible.