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The Union of Students in Ireland is awaiting with interest the result of a determination of the Residential Tenancies Board on a case between NUI Galway Students’ Union and Cuirt na Corribe, a private accommodation provider, which is taking place today. The campaign leading up to this point has become known as the “Cuirt Shakedown”.

The dispute centres on a rent increase of 18%, well above the limit for rent pressure zones in which Cuirt na Corribe lies. Cuirt na Corribe intends to assert that the agreements they have with students residing on site are licencee agreements, which would exempt them from the need to comply with the mandatory 4% cap on rent rises.

The Union of Students in Ireland supports the claim that student accommodation should be subject to the same rent controls as other accommodations in the area, and supports the view that such agreements should be considered leases and not licences to reside.

Speaking in advance of the hearing, USI President Síona Cahill said

“We have seen attempts to massively increase rents for students across Ireland already this year. A private accommodation provider near Dublin City University attempted to saddle some students with increases as high as 27% in what became known as the Shanowen Shakedown.

This “Cuirt Shakedown” case in Galway has the potential to set a new direction for these types of dispute. We await the outcome with interest and hope that the determination favours the students who otherwise face massively inflation-busting price increases.”

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