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International Affairs

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15 IA1 Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Congress notes with concern:

the on-going negotiations between the European Union and the United States in relation to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and the potential impact that it could have on Irish higher education, democracy and wider society.

Congress does not support:

 the lowering of any EU standards in regards to the environment, food safety, animal welfare and workers’ rights.

In addition, Congress is especially concerned that under TTIP, the US would be allowed to export shale gas to Europe thus increasing fracking in the US and allowing US companies to challenge fracking bans in Europe under the Investor-State Dispute Settlement clause.

While Congress supports the EU’s efforts in job creation we believe that TTIP jeopardises the health and wellbeing of those living in the EU and therefore call on the EU to use these negotiations to encourage the US to raise its standards rather than lowering its own.

Congress affirms

that while it does not oppose free trade in principle, TTIP does not amount to a traditional free trade agreement but rather threatens to constitute an historic infringement upon democratic governance.

Conference mandates:

Officer Board to campaign against TTIP and to engage with like-minded organisations in Ireland and across Europe on the matter.


Congress is aware:

Of USI’s proud history of campaigning for LGBT rights, including the 1993 decriminalisation of homosexuality in Ireland.

Congress believes:

That as a Union we have a responsibility to ensure that human rights are protected, not only for our members but also for our European and international counterparts.

Congress is appalled:

By the effect the of the “homosexual propaganda” law that has been introduced and implemented by the lawmakers of the Russian Federation.

Congress notes with concern:

That the Russian LGBT community is living in conditions of extreme oppression while coping with acts of violence on a daily basis.

Congress is disgusted:

That the group calling themselves “Occupy Paedophilia” is allowed to attack perceived members of the LGBT community with almost complete immunity from the law.

Congress is opposed:

To the regime that has been imposed upon the LGBT people in the Russian Federation and conveys solidarity with those who are risking their own lives to fight against this oppressive regime.

Congress mandates:

The USI Equality and Citizenship Vice President to organise a repeat of the recent demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in co-operation with other LGBT groups, calling for the repeal of this law and the protection of the Russian LGBT community from continued attacks.

Congress further mandates:

The USI Equality and Citizenship Vice President and the USI President to contact the Department of Foreign Affairs with a view to meeting the Minister to ask if the issue has been discussed with his Russian counterparts and if the Government of Ireland is willing to call for a repeal of the “homosexual propaganda” law. This meeting should take place by the third National Council of the year and the findings reported back to that National Council.

Congress also mandates:

The Equality and Citizenship Vice President to continue to work with IGLYO on this matter.