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Cheap Laptops for Students


USI members can for a limited time avail of mid-range laptops for knock-down prices including Microsoft Office Basic and a free laptop bag.

Stock is limited.  Rehab Recycle has sourced and reconditioned a batch of laptops aimed at USI’s members – but if you don’t act fast, they’ll go into their general laptop sale.

All the stock available is detailed in the spreadsheet below.  To order or find out more, call 1800 661 551 and speak to Eileen or Sarah.

USI Laptops 25th Feb 2013


USI members can now avail of computers for study* from our partner Rehab Recycle.

(*and maybe a little Facebook. And some Skype.)

Through their ‘Promise it’ initiative, Rehab Recycle are delighted to offer Affordable Refurbished PCs & Laptops from as low as €120, and have partnered with the Union of Students in Ireland to let our members know. Get your hands on a machine for a fraction of the cost and help employ people with disabilities.

You can get machines designed for web surfing, social networking and watching the odd movie, or you can get solid, high-end workstations born to take on the most demanding architectural CAD.  Find out more.

Fact is, you don’t need an IBM Deep Thought supercomputer to dash off an essay.

But you do need a computer that leaves enough in your bank account to pay for groceries and the rest of student life.

The National Council of the Union of Students in Ireland has approved this scheme, which provides good quality machines at excellent prices with warranties into the hands of our members.  That having been said, though, it’s very important you don’t spend more than you need to.

What’s available?

[show_hide title=”For €120″]A full featured laptop with Microsoft Windows XP, good for running a web broswer, social networking and watching movies[/show_hide]

[show_hide title=”For €200″]A dual core machine with enough memory for graphics work, playing online games, watching Netflix and skype.[/show_hide]

[show_hide title=”For €250″]A fast machine. Enough memory and graphics performance for some serious computing, design work, desktop publishing and more.[/show_hide]

[show_hide title=”What if I have something a bit more processing intensive in mind?”]Rehab Recycle have good supplies of high end and very high end equipment. (Seriously.  Nice gear.) If you’re after something specialised, give them a call.[/show_hide]

[show_hide title=”What if I just have money to throw about me?”]Trust us, you don’t. But if you feel like giving it away, why not consider a gift to our national charity, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland?[/show_hide]

Refurbished means ‘it’s working well and it’s cheaper’. That means it’s a no-brainer.

Every year, major companies upgrade their hardware and pledge thousands of machines to Rehab Recycle.  This isn’t any old junk – it’s highly valuable, powerful computer stock.

The stuff that’s too old to be useful is broken down for components or raw materials, but the stuff that’s worth using is professionally refurbished and tested by Rehab Recycle and sold on.  For the first time ever, this stuff is now available to students, with warranties.

USI members can avail of the goods for awesome prices.

USI is now committed to promise our equipment to Rehab Recycle, and we’ll be meeting our laptop needs from Rehab Recycled stock.

Rehab Recycle is a multinational organisation which seeks to effectively employ people with disabilities in valuable, productive jobs.

The organisation operates in the recycling world, collecting and preparing goods for second uses.

The machines they can sell so cheaply to students are donated to them by corporate donors through the ‘Promise it’ scheme.  Cutting edge companies use high end computer gear but replace equipment all the time – they promise their IT equipment to Rehab Recycle, whose employees recondition and quality assure the equipment before making it available to us.

Don’t mistake ‘low cost’ for ‘low value’.

These machines mean business, and could be the difference between three months of alphabet soup and a semester of trouble-free computing and essay submission.

They’re all perfectly capable of handling your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest needs, your Skype habit and pretty much everything else you can throw at them.  Whatever your needs, you’ll find the USI and Rehab Recycle laptops deal will leave you with plenty in your pocket for more.

We want you to find the machine that’s perfect for you, without spending more than you have to.

To purchase or find out more information

Simply call Rehab Recycle on 1800 661 551


By choosing to purchase refurbished IT Equipment from Rehab Recycle you are also helping support sustainable jobs for people with disabilities.