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                    Kevin Donoghue, USI President

The Union of Students in Ireland today said the amendment to the Employment Equality Bill is progressive in equality, dignity and inclusion. Before yesterday, the 2nd of December, teachers and medics at religious institutions could be dismissed if their sexuality conflicted with the religious ethos of the school or hospital.

The Employment Equality Bill (Miscellaneous Provisions) 2013, the new law to amend the controversial Section 37 provisions, came into effect yesterday on the 2nd of December, meaning teachers and medical staff won’t fear adverse treatment as a result of being open about their sexuality in the workplace.

“USI welcomes the amendment to section 37.1 of the Employment Equality Act.” Union of Students in Ireland president, Kevin Donoghue, said, “Putting anyone in a position where they feel they need to conceal their sexuality to keep their job compromises their dignity, equality and inclusion. The amendment to section 37.1 strengthens employment protection for teachers and medical staff in the LGBT community.”



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