USI National Report on Student Mental Health in Third Level Education

A key part of the USI mental health project is to carry out research into student mental health. In September 2019 we launched the results of the first National Student Mental Health Survey, which was carried out through 2018 and 2019. This is a large piece of research and will provide a much-needed insight into student mental health. It is the first of its kind looking specifically at student mental health across Ireland. We got a great response to that survey with over 3300 people completing it. While this is not a large enough sample to be considered nationally representative, the results still hold value and point to areas of concern for students.

We also hope to carry out several flash surveys that will give us a glimpse into specific issues for example the experience of international students or those who have had to repeat a year or come off books due to mental health, as well as producing some reports detailing deeper analysis of the data already gathered.