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Pink Training 2018

November 30 – Dec 2 2018, NUI Galway

Pink Training 2018 will take place at NUI, Galway at the end of November.  This page contains information for delegates.

About USI Pink Training 2018

Pink Training is the largest LGBT student training event in Europe.  The weekend will see 300 delegates from all over Ireland come together to participate in workshops and seminars about LGBT issues, rights and campaigns.


The event aims to empower LGBT students, inspire them to become leaders, provide a networking opportunity for students and safe spaces for students to come out, identify their own gender and sexuality and learn from others.

Classes & Workshops at PT18


More than two: exploring polyamory

HIV in Ireland: How We Reach Zero
Gay and Angry in Northern Ireland
Alphabet Soup
Queer Societies: How To Be a Power Top
Queer Sex Ed
How do we see the world? Breaking down our stereotypes
Being A Trans Ally
Trans 101
LGBT equality: What’s love got to do with it?
Transgender Healthcare: A guide + Q&A
Introducing Chemsex
LGBTQIA+ Women* – what affects our wellness?
What Next for LGBT Human Rights in Ireland?
Mná* Grá
Ace & Aro 101
The Intersextion: Disability & Sexuality
Working for for the LGBT+ Community/ Professional Queer
Privilege in the LGBTI+
Honey! I changed my gender : Navigating a transgender relationship
Is Politics for You?
Shapes and size that mesmerize
Mobilising to Win – Campaigning Masterclass
Intersex 101
HIV and STI’s; Learning Through Games
Public Speaking for Fools
Why Bring Your Whole Self To Work? – Because It Works!
Mental Health. How to look after yours.
Trans and Non-Binary Sexual Health
Feminism: spoken word meets vinyl
+ 101  and many more




Presenters at Pink Training

(in no particular order)

Catalina Vieru

Robbie Lawlor

Evgeny Shtorn

Conor Loughran
Gillian McInerney
Dean O’Reilly
Anna Keogh
Cameron Keighron
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin
Bella FitzPatrick
Noah Halpin
Adam Shanley
Laura Louise Condell
Padraig Rice
Sarah Sproule
Chris Noone
Oscar James
Alannah Murray
Lisa Cannon
Lesley Fitzpatrick
Alice Hartigan
Sharon Nolan
Stephanie Fogarty
Laura Harmon
Clara Barry
Seán Frayne
Alex Coughlan
James Ramsay
Rob Partridge
Ren McGuicken
Annie Hoey

Sinéad Ruane

Seán Ó Baoill

Anna Cosgrave


  • All delegates are asked to agree to and abide by the following code of conduct:
  • Nobody has to share their sexual orientation or gender identity at any point and nobody should make anyone feel they have to choose or disclose their identity, personal information or do anything that they are not comfortable with
  • Every delegate must be respectful towards fellow delegates, speakers and the staff in the hostels and college
  • Please be aware and respect each delegate’s boundaries- no one should feel or be pressured into partaking in any activity that they are not comfortable with
  • Each delegate leader is ultimately responsible for those in their group
  • If anyone is found with illegal substances, they will be sent home immediately and appropriate action will be taken
  •  Every delegate is asked to respect the people sharing their room in the
  •  Please be respectful of people’s preferred pronouns e.g. he/she/they
  • There is no smoking inside the hostels
  • Derogatory language towards any sexuality or gender identity will not be tolerated at Pink Training
  • Remember that not everyone is ‘out’ at Pink Training so please don’t tag anyone in photos without their permission
  • Delegates are asked to clean up after themselves in NUIG and in the hostels
  •  Delegates are asked to participate and be on time for workshops
  • Delegates must respect other delegate’s boundaries; no one should feel that they must engage in any behaviour or actions they are not comfortable with
  • Inappropriate or invasive touching, without explicit consent, will not be tolerated