Current USI Policies

USI has policies on almost every aspect of life as a student in Ireland and holds positions on the things students consider important. 

Each of the policies in the sections below have been brought to a democratic process inside USI by students and their representatives and approved by those students.

USI Policy applies for three years and may then be reconfirmed or allowed to expire.  Additionally, new policy may explicitly replace older policies.

To read the full range of policies select a topic area below.

Policy relating to academic affairs, education and the quality of qualifications is in here.

USI’s policies on student welfare, health, mental health, wellbeing, sexual health and safety are in here.

Policies relating to students’ engagement in society, their rights to equality and freedom from discrimination are here

Policy relating to the affairs of the nation are in this section. Students play an active role as citizens and have views on all areas of policy.

Through links with student movements around the world and out of concern for global events, policy on International Affairs is here.

USI is active in the promotion and protection of the Irish language. Those policies are expressed here.