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The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and the Northern Union of Students (NUS-USI) launched their campaign today for equal access to civil marriage. Students’ Union Officers from across the island have gathered in Dublin City University this week for their annual Students’ Union Training (SUT).

Both USI and NUS-USI are committed to campaigning for a yes vote in the spring 2015 referendum and USI has a clear mandate to register and mobilise students to vote.

USI has also recently called for reform to the voter registration process in Ireland to create a facility for online voter registration and one rolling register.

Laura Harmon, USI President said:

‘Polls consistently show that the large majority of young people are in favour of marriage equality in Ireland and the student vote cannot be underestimated. Young people can see how equal access to marriage will improve the lives of many and they will be critical in securing a yes vote on this issue.

USI welcomes the Taoiseach’s recent confirmation of a referendum before May 1st 2015 as May is exam time for many students.

Rebecca Hall, NUS-USI President said:

“Marriage equality should be a right all across the island of Ireland. I am very proud to support my friends in USI in the campaign for equal access to civil marriage in the Republic of Ireland. I very much hope that Equal Marriage can be delivered across Ireland, both north and south as soon as possible.

“Equality for everyone is vital, and student movements across the island of Ireland have, and will continue to have, a key role in working to try and deliver equality.” 

Notes to Editor:

1) Young people are above the national average when in comes to supporting equal access to civil marriage. In the academic year 2013-2014, three Students’ Unions (Trinity College Dublin, NUI Galway and IT Tralee) held referenda on this issue and students voted over 92% in favour of marriage equality.

2) The recent survey indicated that over 89% of students were in favour.

3) Red C polls earlier this year showed that 76% of the general public are in favour.

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